Hi, Haruka Nana!

Welcome Haruka Nana!
Welcome Haruka Nana!

After Megurine Luka was released 2 days ago, Nagimiso.SYS released a new UTAU, Haruka Nana (春歌ナナ), voiced by Nanahira. For those who doesn’t know what UTAU is, it’s basically a fan-made freeware vocaloid-esque program. It’s just like Kasane Teto. For those of you who’re interested in UTAU, here’s a full description by Krystal.

A freeware program made by programmers who were fans of Vocaloid. UTAU was modelled after Vocaloid, using a similar interface and function, but has a lower quality output, and the ability to record custom voices for the program” –Krystal

Everything about her, from the design to the voice, is cute and adorable in every possible way. Her voice really suits her design. Here’s her official demo song by Nagimiso.

So what do you think of her?

Source: Nagimiso.SYS Blog

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