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We just had a major downtime for about half a month. Please read this forum post for more information. The good news is that we’re now on our own server! Expect no more downtimes and faster loading times, and of course, more frequent posts! Welcome back to the new Vocaloidism, where the Vocaloid spirit would never die.

Putting that aside, I’d like to talk about what I want this site to be in the future. There are actually many English Vocaloid fans all around the world, with no central place. Some of them are just browsing in Nico Nico Douga or YouTube, finding Vocaloid songs and eventually became a fan of one. Some of them are browsing deviantART, Danbooru or Pixiv, finding Vocaloid fanarts and eventually made one him/herself. There’s even a weekly Vocaloid post on Danny Choo. Many anime blogs write about Vocaloid. I want Vocaloidism to be the center of Vocaloid-related news and I want this site to be a great community of Vocaloid English fans.

A rather big and kind of unrealistic dream if you look at the things that we currently have. But I’m going to spend more time in developing this site. We will launch the Vocaloidism Network soon, consisting of this blog, as a center of Vocaloid news in English, our forum, where the Vocaloidism community can talk to each other, our wiki, where we aim to correct false informations about Vocaloid and introduce people to new things about Vocaloid they may not know before, and a tutorial site, where people can learn the basic of the Vocaloid editor, or other Vocaloid applications such as MikuMikuDance. Those are all plans for the future, and I hope we can make them all come true.

Sorry for all the people who commented on this site, I’ll get back to you shortly. I’ll also fix this site’s layout and categories, tags and widgets, but I’ll stop supporting Internet Explorer 6. I’d suggest viewing this site on Firefox, Safari or Opera. More fixes would follow to make this site a better place. Thanks for reading this post and welcome back! The first news I’ll write about is an update to Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA-.

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13 thoughts on “Welcome Back!”

  1. It's good to see Vocaloidism back^^ We should do a link exchange as well — since we're always talking to each other on Twitter xD

  2. Congrats on the new server! If you ask me, I seriously think that Vocaloidism has the potential to become really huge: it's purely focused on Vocaloid, something basically nobody else does, and on the side you're a really dedicated webmaster! I say maybe get rid of some clutter on the sidebars and work out some affilates, and you're all set for Awesome. 😀 [coz you know affliates are a surprisingly good way to advertise]

    ALSO. By the Wiki do you mean vocaloid.wikia.com? Coz right now I'm going round cleaning up the articles, I have no life like that. =u=;

  3. @Krystal: I know, right? but some people complained about the messed up sidebar on IE6! DX

    @Happy: thank you so much! I wish Vocaloidism would stay this way =)

    I have one problem though: I'm a high school student, which means that half of my day is spent at school, and I have less time to manage the site (other bloggers are mainly a university student with more free time than me) xD

    The wiki can be accessed by clicking here, it's our own wiki, not on Wikia… And one of the main purpose of my Wiki is to correct the Vocaloid Wikia, since we think that they're giving too many incorrect informations and the ads in there are annoying! DX

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