Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA-: 39 Secrets~!

Original Artist: CAFFEIN

Apparently I’ve missed the event, thanks to the fact that school was too exhausting and I had a 16 hour sleep last night. But fortunately, pKjd from moetron☆萌えトロン listed those 39 secrets revealed in the Yappa Asobina 09 event. Some of our forum members also went to 2ch and collected some information, especially Miyuki. And so, here’s the 39 secrets revealed on the event!

  1. Official game title: 「Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA-」.
  2. Retail Price: 6090 yen.
  3. On sale July 2nd, 2009.
  4. Box Art have been decided.
  5. There are 39 songs in the game.
  6. 7 songs are from Piapro users.
  7. Artist ryo/supercell are participating.
  8. Artist kz/ivetune are participating.
  9. New songs from Hata Aki and Kousaki Satoru are going to be in the game.
  10. Opening theme song have been completed: 「The secret garden 」.
  11. Opening movie have been made.
  12. New song from OSTER project are going to be in the game.
  13. 「Sakura no Ame」 by absorb are going to be in the game.
  14. 「Anata no Uta-hime」 by azuma are going to be in the game.
  15. 「Miku Miku kin ni go chuui♪」 by Hayaya are going to be in the game.
  16. 「The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku」 by cosMo@BousouP are going to be in the game.
  17. Most songs are going to be new remixes.
  18. Kagamine Rin/Len are appearing in the Rhythm game.
  19. 「Packaged」 PV would be in the game.
  20. 「Koi-suruVOC@LOID」 PV would be in the game.
  21. 「World is Mine」 PV would be in the game.
  22. Hands-on PSP experience.
  23. Vibrant Miku 3D motion capture.
  24. Have fun with your favorite costume.
  25. In-game screenshot capture feature.
  26. There will be a rhythm game edit mode.
  27. It will be possible to edit your favorite MP3 data.
  28. Costumes in total: 39.
  29. Space Channel 5 costume announced.
  30. PIAPRO costume: Gothic announced.
  31. PIAPRO costume: Pirate announced.
  32. PIAPRO costume: Magician announced.
  33. PIAPRO costume: Elegant announced.
  34. PIAPRO costume: Punk announced.
  35. PIAPRO costume: Vocal announced.
  36. Megurine Luka is confirmed to be in the game.
  37. Akita Neru is confirmed to be in the game.
  38. Yowane Haku is confirmed to be in the game.
  39. Pre-order bonus is going to be a Hatsune Miku Nendoroid Puchi -Project DIVA- version.

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  1. OMG…
    I'd love to have a little Haku standing on my PSP…
    I would keep her as a human pet and feed her and let her sing :3

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