Servant Of Evil Reached One Million Views, Melt Hits Four Million Views

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At long last, following Rin’s “Meltdown” which broke the one millionth view mark on Nico Nico Douga last month, now Len finally has a song which have more than one million views as well. And that’s none other than [悪ノ召使], or “Servant Of Evil” by AkunoP (悪ノP氏). It’s been said that if there was going to be one song by Len that would break the one million views mark, it has got to be Servant of Evil. And it has indeed come true on 21st March 09, at 22:31 hours Japan Time.

Now, let’s enjoy the song while more information about the song are listed below:

The story of the song is told through the views of the evil princess’s servant, Len, who is actually her twin brother. The evil princess has done many cruel things and is cold by nature, but her brother only sees the nice and innocent side of her, serving her whole-heartedly all the while. Then, while on a trip to another land, Len sees a woman with green colored hair (Hatsune Miku) and falls in love with her instantly. However, the Daughter of Evil, being jealous of what she saw, orders Len to have her killed, in which Len obeys without any hesitation.

PV Versions:

Later, the woman’s partner (Kaito) as well as an uprising army (lead by Meiko) attack the castle in which the evil princess is living in wanting to take the evil princess’s life. It was then her servant came up with an idea to save her by exchanging each other’s clothes and trade places instead. As they are identical twins, no one would be able to tell that the “evil princess” is actually a fake. Unsurprisingly, everyone fell for the trick and the servant, disguised as the princess, was sent to the execution table and beheaded, as the princess watches and grieves for her brother. However, Len says that he has no regrets and and was glad to be of service to her princess even till the very end.

And here are the credits for the song:

Music & Lyric : mothy (AkunoP)

Personally I was really touched when I first heard this song, Len devotedly served her sister and was even willing to do evil things for her, so that she can be happy. And even till the very end when he was sent to the execution table, he has no regrets and only feels glad for her sister, who managed to survive and escape because of him. Really touching indeed. ;__;

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But anyway, let’s get on with the second part of the post. And that’s the news that the song “Melt” by ryo has broke four million views on Nico Nico Douga, this record was achieved on 21st March 09, at 21:38 Japan time (Which is about an hour before Servant Of Evil hit one million views). If you recall, ryo was also the producer who created popular Miku songs such as Black Rock Shooter, World Is Mine, and Love Is War. And the songs were so good that Good Smile Company decided to make 1/8 scale PVC figurines of the World is Mine Miku (scheduled release date: Sep 09) and Black Rock Shooter (scheduled release date: Aug 09). Now let’s continue with the song:

Credits: ryo/supercell

The song speaks about a girl (Hatsune Miku) who’s in love but was too shy to let her feelings be known. She gets her bangs cut, hoping that he will notice and comment that she’s cute. Then one day, it rains and though she had only one small umbrella with her, the boy joins her under the same umbrella of his own will and she was so happy that she would cry, though it would melt her to confess all her feelings to the boy.

Overall, I am glad that the Servant Of Evil finally hits one million views as it’s truly one of the trademark songs of Len. And for Miku’s Melt, it has continued to do well as with many other popular Miku songs such as Miku Miku ni Shite Ageru and Ievan Polkka. So let’s just congratulate Servant Of Evil and Melt once again, which are currently in the 127th and 19th on the Nico Nico Douga Million Views Video Ranking chart. Congratulations! =D

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  1. Thanks for the story translation and summary. It’s good to see Rin and Len getting some of the action, since we all get very carried away by Miku. 🙂

  2. Servant of Evil (preferably the Classical ver.) and Melt are two amazing Vocaloid songs. They deserve all those views! Congrats to ryo and AkunoP! Have you heard the mini-chorus version of Servant of Evil? It’s truly breathtaking!

  3. i really love all the of evil stories. do anyone know of anyplace that have made a writed version of it like a fanfiction or something i vould like to read it .

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