Hatsune Miku: The World’s Virtual Diva!

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Last week Channel Asahi released a video documentary about Vocaloid Hatsune Miku and how she has managed to change the world with her music, as we go into further detail with the creators and music makers behind Miku’s success. Just recently the video has been translated with English subtitles to help viewers understand Miku and the views of her creators better.

To view the English subtitles, be sure to enable Closed Captioning on the YouTube video by clicking on the arrow on the bottom right, and selecting Closed Captions in English.

The appearance of Hatsune Miku has not only broke through the sales record of the Vocaloid voice synthesizer program but also boosted the sales of the music CDs created by the producers who made the music with Miku. Collaborative efforts between Vocaloid music makers from different places has increased the quality of the songs generated and make it more appealing to the world. Well known Vocaloid song producer ryo, songwriter Kazuhito Tsukui, Silence PV, MikuMikuDance program as well as Nebula by Tripshots were also given an introduction in the video.

And now that Hatsune Miku has made herself known to the world with her music and popularity, what’s next? It’s definitely worth looking forward to.

“She has the power to change the world”.

Source: 初音ミクみく, Channel ASAHI

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10 thoughts on “Hatsune Miku: The World’s Virtual Diva!”

  1. “Western people have been exposed to this music longer” my foot =u=; That was cool though! Man I haven’t seen a whole bunch of the videos they put in there .0.

  2. @Happy: haha, it’s because they’re thinking that since the English Vocaloid was released sooner, Western people have been exposed to music that were created by the Vocaloid technology longer =D

  3. I know Miku made the music breakthrough and all, and I have to admit she's awesome and well-designed … but … don't you guys think she's a little … emm … overatted? I mean, the other vocaloids needs some credit too :

    bahh. the day the "normal", as they say, Americans would listen to this type of music is when the sky falls. Not until the fangirls stop drooling over the likes of Jonas Brothers and all that crap, Miku wouldn't stand a chance. I do wish that day comes though. It would be amazing. The video gave the shivers of awesomeness

    1. "I know Miku made the music breakthrough and all, and I have to admit she's awesome and well-designed … but … don't you guys think she's a little … emm … overatted?"

      Nope, maybe she needs more credit.

      1. I agree she needs more credit.
        But then again,why do people always separate the Vocaloids?
        They came from the same place and really I believe no matter who gets the credit the others will benefit from it too.

  4. hay some of us americans do listen to Miku and think it amazing and not all of us drool over the stupied jonas brothers:@ i happen to like Miku 😀 and think she does have a chance

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