Happy Belated Birthday, Teto!

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Well, it’s late. But at least we still didn’t forget Teto’s birthday which is on the 1st of April, and that happens to be April Fools’ Day. Originally born as an April Fool’s joke by 2chan users to trick Nico Nico Douga users into thinking that she’s a new Vocaloid released by Crypton Future Media, nevertheless she was eventually turned into an independent character and given a voice based on the sound bank release by vip@2ch, in which she was conceptualized by the users at vip@2ch and illustrated by Chimera.

As part of the April Fool’s joke, her age was originally described as 31 years old on her official site (under the company name Crvipton) and by 2chan users. However, it was later clarified that her age is actually a hybrid of human and chimera, thus making her real age to be 16 years old instead.

To know more about her story you may want to watch the video below to find out:

Here are some basic information about Teto:

  • Signature Item: A loaf of french bread
  • Height: 159.5 cm (or 5’2″)
  • Weight: 47 kg (103 lbs)
  • Tempo range: 70-150 bpm
  • Optimal pitch range: a3-e5
  • Favorite/Preferred genres: Pop music and anison
  • Catch phrase: “You are so stupid!”

Teto may have been created out of an April Fool’s joke but that doesn’t mean she’s less special or unique than the other Vocaloid around, be it official or unofficial. And there will surely be fans who will appreciate and love her just as well as the other Vocaloid. Happy belated birthday here, Teto! You know you are certainly appreciated here. ^_^

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