Black ★ Rock Shooter Visual Works

The Black Rock Shooter PVC

From Mikatan’s blog it was known that the 1/8 scale of the Black Rock Shooter by Good Smile Company has received very good pre-order sales reviews throughout Japan and in celebration of that, GSC has decided to give away the “Black Rock Shooter Visual Works” doujinshi by the original illustrator, huke. Released in August 2008 based on the Black★Rock Shooter video uploaded on Nico Nico Douga, you can get to enjoy huke’s drawings of BRS in full colour glory in the doujinshi. There was the Black★Rock Shooter Figure, Mug, T-shirts and now an artbook! For more information, read on!

Black Rock Shooter Visual Works!

Unfortunately, this giveaway contest is limited to Japan only so if you really want to participate then you will need to have contacts or relatives in Japan to help you send the Visual Works doujinshi over should you win in the contest.

Oh wow, the cover looks awesome!

How to participate in this contest? Simple. Just watch the video and answer the question posted just below the video.

Question: In huke’s interview linked above, who is the mac owner on the left?

Here's a sample page

Think you know the answer? If so then go here and enter your answer together with your personal particulars. Ten lucky winners will get to win the special BRS Visual Works by huke.

For those of you who want to participate in the contest, you will need to hurry though, as the contest deadline ends on April 12th 2009 at 23:59 hours Japan Time.

Image source: Mikatan

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4 thoughts on “Black ★ Rock Shooter Visual Works”

  1. That’s actually not called a doujinshi. It’s more like a mini-artbook. Doujinshi are self-published stuffs. >>

  2. @Mi: From what I read on Mikatan’s blog entry it was written as “同人誌”, which would be translated as doujinshi. Though I understand as from what DK has pointed out that it would be a doujin artbook.

  3. yeah that is right it is a Doujin art book. Mi a doujin is just a self published work, and not just manga. I have made a doujin manga or two, and lots more doujin things.

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