Koisora Recycling


Remember the Akikan! news I told you about recently? I’ve been able to get a hold of the maxi single of the Ending themes used in the anime. Even though the quality of the anime was a dissapointment since they decided to went with a low budget for animation of this show, I still love the ending theme. The ending theme changes every episode, with the same melody, but different lyrics and singers, much like the Strike Witches ending. At the last episode, Miku get to sing the last ending theme. You can listen to that song below.


What do you think of it? Personally I think it’s the best ending theme (out of the thirteen ending themes) of this anime. The title of the ending theme changes each episode (even though all of them begins with Koisora Recycling), and this particular one was Koisora Recycling featuring Mix Juice by Nomiko featuring Hatsune Miku. Of course, that’s because a Mix Juice girl called “Miku” appeared in the last episode.

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