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Source: かんみつ [pixiv]
Source: かんみつ

Last month, we surprised you with a certain news about Sakura no Ame. We told you that they are looking for people who wanted to audition in the upcoming Sakura no Ame movie. Of course, no detail were revealed until yesterday, where ORICON made a news about this movie. It’s confirmed that Tetra Film Studio would produce the movie. Shirahama Kazuki (白濱一樹), who went to Keiou Gijuku (慶応義塾) high school wrote the scenario, and shooting has begun since March 16th by Tetra director Hiromi Tanaka (田中博巳). They aim to finish principal shooting by the end of April. It will be their 10th movie production.

So what’s the movie about? This love story would revolve around six boys, who are called “otaku” behind their backs by their friends. They would like to be “cool” before Graduation and get the girls they like, but something would happen along the way. Even this Sakura no Ame movie surprised absorb. They will make a cameo appearance in the movie, too. “I never thought that a song we made, Sakura no Ame, is being made into a movie. I would never think that a movie could be made based on a song. It would be interesting to see how many people would watch it”.

I myself can’t wait to see what this movie would be like. A single song, Sakura no Ame, which made it to the 32rd place in the Oricon ranking when the launched the maxi single and the song which was used by 80 schools as their graduation song, is now being made into a movie. I’d hope that Miku would somehow make a cameo appearance, maybe as one of the students in their high school. Sakura no Ame is an amazing song, and if you haven’t heard of it yet, I highly recommend it. Hear it in Nico Nico Douga by clicking here and on YouTube with English subtitles by clicking here. As more information is released about this movie, I will continue to update this blog. See you later! =)

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  1. Because apparently Densha Otoko left everyone wanting, we're getting a cheap imitation.

    Not how I would've done it.

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