SEGA Vocaloid EX Figures Version 1.5

SegaPrize's new Figures

Information from SegaPrize has it that they will be releasing another set of Vocaloid Hatsune Miku and Kagamine Rin EX PVC figurines and this time it’s Version 1.5 compared to the ones released last year. Set to release in the third week of June in Japan this year, pre-orders have already started in online shops in Japan and so far it is limited to Japan only.

Hatsune Miku
Kagamine Rin

This time round the figurines seem to have changed which makes them look gorgeous in a gloss. Unfortunately it’s for Japan only currently, hopefully they will be made available at other places as well when it’s released.

Info source: 初音ミクみく

Note: If you really want the EX Vocaloid figures the moment it’s released and you have someone in Japan willing to help you send them over then here’s the link for you to pre-order with one of the online shops in Japan.

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4 thoughts on “SEGA Vocaloid EX Figures Version 1.5”

  1. mmmm…not really a fan of the gloss look (reminds me of counterfeit China toys). I'll be holding out for the GSC closed-eyes Miku if I wanted a standard Miku.

  2. I think the GSC is better but it is expensive, anyway, I like to go and check the fighure in China's online shopping. Hoping to see the BRS figure. 😀

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