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Image Source: なた

A few days ago, Vocaloidism hit 50,000 views. My old blog also reached 50,000 views recently, so in total, we have hit 100,000 views. We recently posted our 100th post, made our 100th tag, and we recently got our 500th comment. All at the same time, for some reason. Thank you all for your support! So anyways, I’ll write a brief history of Vocaloidism, since I keep procrastinating in making an about page of this blog. For old members and those of you who aren’t interested, we’ll bring more news to you shortly! =)

I knew about Vocaloid back in December. Was a really big fan of THE iDOLM@STER at that time, especially Ami and Mami Futami. I love their voice so much that I followed their Voice Actress, Asami Shimoda. And apparently, Asami Shimoda provided the voice for Kagamine Rin and Len. That’s how I knew about Vocaloid. After further research, I knew about Hatsune Miku and the other Vocaloids, and became a huge fan of their songs. Naturally I love Rin’s voice best, since her Voice Actress is the whole reason I knew about Vocaloids in the first place.

Early Miku fans would know about MikuMiku.info, a Hatsune Miku fansite that was closed down due to ArmyCats being too busy in the army. At that time, I also have a school project of creating a website, so I thought to myself, why not make a Vocaloid fansite? There aren’t any blog that focuses on Vocaloid on the internet anymore anyways. And thus my old blog was bornt. Some of the people from MikuMiku.info migrated to my old blog and its forum.

After a few months, we started thinking about buying a domain name just for the Vocaloid fansite. At first, it was using my own personal domain. And we all moved to Vocaloidism, since we want a unbiased title. We grew and grew and basically our server went down about two to three months ago, since it couldn’t handle both the blog and the forum. I’ve decided to put the forum on a new server with a new domain name, then, but it’s still under the Vocaloidism network. The blog also moved to a new server back then.

After seeing the Vocaloid Wikia and how there are  many erroneous pages in there, we’ve decided to make our own wiki, and thus the Vocaloidism Wiki project got started. We also have many projects planned, to make Vocaloidism the center of the English Vocaloid fans. We’ll bring many more Vocaloid content in the near future. Currently, Vocaloid news are spread out on Anime blogs, and I hope Vocaloidism could be the center in the future.

I’d like to thank Anime Nano and Otaku.fm, the two top referrer of this blog. I’d also like to thank all of my friends, especially Fariz and Fuzzy on Kyouran Kyoudai, Kaze from Kazenomise, pKjd from Moetron, Artefact from Sankaku Complex, and many more bloggers for all the support. Of course, thank you all Vocaloidism members, both on the blog and the forum. And my friends on Twitter, and many more who I haven’t mentioned. You guys are the best.

We’re currently getting about 900 to 1,100 views a day, at least quadrupled from 200 views a day two months ago. As of now, we have reached 117,000 hits. I never expected to get this much support back then when I started to blog. I hope Vocaloidism can continue to grow like this. Thank you so much for visiting us right now! We’re bringing more Vocaloid content in the near future! =)

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  1. Congrats on the achievement, hopefully Vocaloidism will continue to grow to become even better and more well known than before. =)

  2. We aren't going to open another social networking site, are we? j/k

    Good job Kev. I still remember the days back… *going nostalgic*

  3. Meh, I didn't really do much here. But I will continue to post on Vocaloidism so long as you want me to, at least that's my way of contributing to the English Vocaloid community I guess. =D

  4. Hello, it's Dewgong.

    Congrats on the milestone, I've watched this blog grow, and it's really amazing. ♥♥

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