Next Vocaloid To Be Voiced By Nakajima Megumi

Nakajima Megumi
Nakajima Megumi to be the voice actress for the next Vocaloid character

Information from the supplemental issue of DTM magazine has revealed that Nakajima Megumi (best known for her performance as Ranka Lee in Macross Frontier) will be the voice actress for Internet company’s next Vocaloid character.

Internet company has previously released their first Vocaloid software Gackpoid about a year ago which is voiced by musician and actor Gackt. Seems like they want to make a new Vocaloid. Here’s a video below providing a sample of how her voice may sound like.

Thanks to pKjd from Moetron Subs for the video.

More information to be posted when it becomes available.

Info source: DTM Magazine and 初音ミクみく

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6 thoughts on “Next Vocaloid To Be Voiced By Nakajima Megumi”

  1. 3 words: I can't wait. I'm already a fan of Nakajima's singing, so I'm going to like this Vocaloid easily. I even like it a little already!

  2. Another girl? And here I was t hinking we could really use another young boy… oh well, I hope she doesn't disappoint.

  3. Hey it might as well looks like ranka with vocaloid-like clothes. With several modifications to avoid lawsuits.

  4. I'll be the first to say that her first chart-topping single as a Vocaloid will be Seikan Hikou.

    Kira~! m/,

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