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How hard is it to actually make a Vocaloid sing?

You probably knew what a Vocaloid is and often go to Nico Nico Douga to check out the newest Vocaloid songs. And you also probably know that it costs a lot of time and requires that the user be very familiar with the knowledge of music in order to create good Vocaloid songs. But in the future, making a song become much more easier to everyone. Remember VocaListener? This post is all about that technology, and how the AIST plan to make an online version of it. For more information, read on!

This is how the Online VocaListener will operate.

The official Vocaloid company, Yamaha Limited, has authorized AIST (Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)to develop an assisting software to the Vocaloid technology, VocaListener, in order to broaden the user base of Vocaloid, and for the first step, the Internet edition based on VocaListener is coming out. I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of VocaListener before, and if you don’t I’ll explain in this post. That is the Net VocaListener, which focuses on combining with Vocaloid software and eases the work load of making a song using Vocaloid, and at the same time, raising the quality of the song. Net VocaListener is an online automated Vocaloid file generating system, it is running on a specific server, enabling users to quickly get the good quality VSQ (Vocaloid Sequence) file by uploading the original vocal wave file and lyric file. This technology can highly reduce the work on making a good VSQ file of Vocaloid.

Until now, the early version of VocaListener has already been made by AIST, which is called the α (alpha) edition. The developer claimed that while this edition only has limited functions, the final edition is going to be much more powerful. To make the α edition better, AIST has asked some of Vocaloid makers and other people to test the results, and the results have been made public on Apr. 28th. What’s more, the PC version is not the only edition which benefits from this. It will also support the portable edition, Net Vocaloid (a Vocaloid version on PDAs or mobile phones).

This technology is easy to use and it can greatly increase the amount of Vocaloid songs. Maybe not far in the future, we can listen to far more songs made by a Vocaloid. VocaListener have been around for some time. The first two demo, PROLOGUE by Hatsune Miku and Game of Love by Kagamine Rin have been released for some time. You can listen to both of them below.

Overtime, the technology have been developed further and the alpha version was released. Here are just two songs, resulting from the alpha version of VocaListener.

I used to hate VocaListener. Sure, it makes a Vocaloid more realistic but they kind of left out each Vocaloid’s personality. But with the two new songs, especially “Survivor”, I think the future is bright for VocaListener. I hope that more producers can make more awesome Vocaloid songs using this technology. Of course, those are just two examples. There are even more songs in Nico Nico Douga that uses this technology. To listen to them, click here to directly visit the related tag of it. And if you are interested in this new technology, you can visit the developer’s notes page to view details about the technology and here to get the latest news regarding it.

Source: Yamaha Official Website

14 thoughts on “Online VocaListener”

  1. is this the full version to survivor or is there a longer version ? cuz it's a really good song with a great meaning (even though i can apprehend only a few =P)

    1. sadly it's still the short version – I've been looking for the full version too but I couldn't find any… DX
      I'll keep looking and tell you if I found the full version of survivor =)

  2. Aha, Kevin has fixed this to be much better than the previous one, thanks very much. 😀

  3. i really need help! can someone translate the lyrics of Survivor into english for me? i've looked everywhere and i cant find a version with subtitles or a translation of some sort.

  4. Can someone help me? My Vocalistener won’t let me use it in the actual Vocaloid 3, so I can’t make a vsq/vsqx out of it nor can I edit it.

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