Design Of GUMI For “Megpoid” Revealed!

Image source: 三輪
Image source: 三輪

Internet software company, which was revealed to be releasing a new Vocaloid character to be voiced by Nakajima Megumi earlier on, has now unveiled the design of their latest Vocaloid character which will be titled “Megpoid”.

GUMI of Megpoid
GUMI of Megpoid

The new Vocaloid character was designed by manga artist Yuuki Masami (of Mobile Police Patlabor and Birdy the Mighty fame) and the software itself will be released on June 26th 2009 at a pre-order price of 15,750 yen. It’s already available for pre-order in Amazon Japan. For more information regarding the software you can visit the official Megpoid page on Internet software company’s website. Here’s the demo video, confirmed by ITMedia, which was embedded on the first Nakajima Megumi post. Megpoid does sound strange in this video, but that was because the VSQ was tailored for Gackpoid. (Thanks htsuji for pointing this out!)

And for those of you who are fans of Nakajima Megumi, you may want to purchase the software since you can get to create songs using Nakajima Megumi’s voice. =)

Info source: 初音ミクみく

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20 thoughts on “Design Of GUMI For “Megpoid” Revealed!”

    1. Heh, INTERNET's Vocaloid designs always disappoint me, just like Gakupo does xD
      Oh well, I doubt I'll like her voice too – so Megupo, huh…? =/

    1. Well, this is the second Vocaloid by INTERNET Company, after Kamui Gakupo =)
      CV01 (Hatsune Miku), CV02 (Kagamine Rin and Len) and CV03 (Megurine Luka) are Vocaloids who are created by Crypton. So they're basically different brands. xD

  1. I think she's cute… I preffer KEI's designs, but Gumi doesn't look bad at all! She reminds me of some magical girl from the future ^_^

  2. Her song was revealed already. If you have Niconico account, go watch .
    Her way of singing sound a bit strange but that is because the VSQ file is originally made for Gakupo (not tailored for her).

    To tell the truth, when I found this on April 1st, I thought it was a fake and April fool's joke and completely forgot it.

        1. Oh, ITMedia is a reliable source, so I can believe that it's real xD
          I'll edit the article with that embed later on, thanks for the link! =D

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