MEIKO and KAITO on Project DIVA!

Theyre confirmed! Now only Gakupo and Megupo isnt in the game xD
They're confirmed! Now only Gakupo and Megupo isn't in the game xD

Yep, they’re finally confirmed by PIAPRO to be in the game. This means that all Crypton Vocaloid (as in Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len, Megurine Luka, KAITO and MEIKO) are in Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA-. Along with this information, PIAPRO also revealed three new Hatsune Miku costumes. And of course, I’ll explain how the music editing feature in Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA-, as well as a gameplay video with “The Secret Garden”, a song composed by Kousaki Satoru and Hata Aki, which is this game’s theme song. And a relatively new commercial. Read on after the break to view them all.

I love all of them. Cant choose which ones the best!
I love all of them. Can't choose which one's the best!

I don’t know what will they be in the game or wether or not they’ll be a costume for Miku. For some reason, KAITO’s model looked like a girl to me. So anyways, three more costumes for Hatsune Miku was revealed by PIAPRO, and you can see them above. I love all of them! I can’t choose which one’s the best one. And there are six more degigns that were accepted but haven’t been converted into a 3D model yet. You can view all accepted designs in here. As I have said before, there is a relatively new commercial on Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA-, which showed off the music editing feature. You can also hear “The Secret Garden” in the commercial. You can see that video below.

So let me explain how the music editing works. From what I’ve heard, it lets you add your own music to be played in Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA-. The editing process is fairly simple. First, you select the buttons on your PSP that you would like to use in your song. Those buttons would then be numbered and you can place them in grids and position it and determine where it will come from. And then, you can just select a stage, a costume, and make Miku dance according to the presets available. And you’re done. You can see how it works below.

Select the button to be played in your song!
Determine its position and where it'll come from.
And choose how Miku will dance to that song.

Also, you might have seen the World is Mine gameplay video, embedded below. The tambourine noises from  the buttons really are annoying. It seems like that those tambourine noises can be disabled. Below, you can see two gameplay videos, one playing “World is Mine” (it’s quite old) and another playing “The Secret Garden”.

Thanks for reading! Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- is going to be released in 2nd July. The Asian version of the game and the accessory set have sold out in Play-Asia, but you can still pre-order the Japanese version of the game here. We’ll bring more information about the game soon!

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16 thoughts on “MEIKO and KAITO on Project DIVA!”

  1. Yaaaaaaay!!! They've been confirmed! Of course, why wouldn't Miku's big brother and sister be in it? Only a few months until it comes out! *is excited*

  2. What!? Are you kidding me?!
    "This item is not available for shipping to;
    European Union"

    I live in sweden… -______-

  3. Hey i have a question —

    Do you think there will be a translated version of the game? Also, will the japanese version of the game work on an english PSP?

    Thanks a lot!!! ♥

    1. PSP games are not region locked – only UMD movies are. So yep, the Japanese version of this game will work on an English PSP. There won't be a translated version of the game – and the chance of getting it translated by patching is very, very low. The game itself can be easily played in Japanese, and if you still need any help we're here to help you. We're also thinking of making a translation of the game interface later on. =D

      1. hihi! i already got the game and i don't know how to add in my own songs and the whole process of making my own song seems quite complicated especially when i can't read japanese very well. do you think you can help me with it? thanks:D

  4. Yes. Yes. Yes. I realize I’m a bit late on this update, but right now I’m too happy to care. xD
    I was so hoping for an ‘edit feature’ à la DDR… And we can even decide how Miku dances to it?Sweet… lol I hope to pick up PD sometime after KH: Birth by Sleep releases, and I fear my PSP will die from playing two wonderful games xD

    Oh before I go, if you guys do provide a translation of menus, I would be eternally grateful and I’m sure others would too. ^^/

  5. anyone know hot to edit the .igb files in the afs files?? I know how to edit the .aix,.adx and all the other file but not the .igb I think you need alchemy to edit them, here is their site.

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