More PangYa x Vocaloid!

In case you havent noticed, Im a huge PangYa fan! xD
In case you haven't noticed, I'm a huge PangYa fan! xD

Remember when Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin and Kagamine Len used to be in PangYa almost exactly last year? Now it’s Megurine Luka’s turn as the Vocaloid event is back in PangYa! This time, the theme is Shining Sand, and the song “Nowhere REMIX” can already be heard in the actual event site. Hatsune Miku was a costume for Kooh, Kagamine Rin was a costume for Hana and Kagamine Len was a costume for Ken. I’m guessing that Megurine Luka would be a costume for Arin. But there’s a small possibility that it’ll be Cecilia’s costume too. Last year, Hatsune Miku sung the song Bunny Picnic and A Shiny Day, which was used for West Wiz and Wiz Wiz courses when a player using a Kooh with Hatsune Miku enters the course. Kagamine Rin sung Revive, which is just a PangYa theme song. Kagamine Len sung Crystal Lake, which is used in Ice Spa. The PangYa event page hints that Megurine Luka will sing Nowhere, which will be played in Shining Sand. I love every PangYa BGM, and making a Vocaloid sing them just made them much better. Am looking forward to this event, which will start at 4 June.

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  1. omg i'm so jealous, I'd play the but I wouldn't be able to buy the Luka set, and if I can't buy the sets I'd be way too jealous of those with them XD I play PangyaUSA right now. You don't know how bad I wish they'd release this stuff over here!

  2. If its not Arin.. may be Lucia [I think that's her name, the one with the pink hair and is an idol/singer :3]? 😀

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