Chiptune and Vocaloid combined!

I have always loved 8-BIT music. Chiptune is music that is performed and composed by using retro game hardware like the Famicom and the Gameboy as instruments – it’s how music was made for video games back in the old Famicom days. And 8-BIT PROPHET is trying to combine Chiptune with Vocaloid. And I have to say, I loved the result. Here’re their description of the album that went sale yesterday. And you could also hear the samples of their songs below.

Attracting all the attention of street credibility, the worlds cutting edge two elements, chiptune and Vocaloid collaborate on the album 8-BIT PROPHET – TM Network Tribute Generated by Chiptune and Vocaloid. It is the tribute of Japanese legendary techno-pop unit TM Network, created and released by VORC Records team. The album is going on sale in the whole world.

I really loved it – it’s amazing. “Self Control” is my personal favorite of all the songs in this album. Read on to see more details, including two more sample videos. There are more than a few Vocaloid albums coming out in the upcoming month, including a new single by supercell! If you’re not familiar with him, it’s the producer who created Melt. We’ll keep you posted with more news later on today.

You can also listen to the whole album on VORC Records’s myspace. VORC Records is a pioneering independent Japanese chiptune label founded in Tokyo in 2006, organized by hally who is the website manager of VORC. VORC is a news site dedicated to oldschool video game music and chiptunes, launched in 2001. You can purchase the CD at POSCA, and the MP3 at HearJapan.

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  1. I used to like 8BIT songs but nowadays I changed preferences into something slower… Though I still listen to the Dokuro-chan OP remix by a certain vocaloid team.

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