Your Strange Story

New Supercell Single!
New Supercell Single!

If you’re a Miku fan, chances are that you have heard the song “Melt” – which was composed by ryo/supercell. He have released an album a few months ago, which ranked 4th on the Oricon Chart when it first came out. He’ll be releasing his first single called 君の知らない物語 (Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari), or “Your Strange Story” in August 12 this year. I don’t know if Miku will sing that song again – but supercell’s website mentions Gazelle, famous for her Melt cover, and nagi. As this is a single, there will be three songs in it. “Your Strange Story”, “theme of CENCOROLL” and another CENCOROLL theme song with an undecided title. Cencoroll is an upcoming anime being produced by Anime Innovation Tokyo with an expected release in 2009. See the promotional video here. As with the supercell album, this single will also have a CD+DVD limited edition with the video clip of the song. We’ll update you as the song sample and more information is released.

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4 thoughts on “Your Strange Story”

  1. Well, I have translated this piece of news before, I think it should be translated as "The story you don't know"/ "Your unkonwn story". I dont know that much Japanese but I can understand the meaning by the kanjis and "ない na i ". I guess the translation by Kevin is not proper.O:

    1. No, 知らない means both "Unknown" and "Strange". And since it starts with 君の (your), it could be translated as both "Your Unknown Story" (or "The Story you don't know") or "Your Strange Story". I don't know which one, so let's just wait until the official translation comes out. ^^;

  2. this single is for the new series bakemonogatari ryo has written the OP and ED song for this series.

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