New Official Illustrations and Demo Song For Megpoid


Earlier this week Internet software company has released new official illustrations for their latest Vocaloid 2 character, Megpoid, in which the software will be released on June 26th retailing for 15,750 yen.

Also, a new demo song titled “BLUE BUTTERFLY” has been revealed and you can view the official illustrations right after the break~

And here are the new official illustrations for Megpoid as shown below or you can view all the images at the official Megpoid image gallery on Internet software company’s site as well.

New Official GUMI Illustrations - 1
New Official GUMI Illustrations - 1
New Official GUMI Illustrations - 2
New Official GUMI Illustrations - 2

And here’s the new demo song by Megpoid titled “BLUE BUTTERFLY”, which the video for it has been uploaded to YouTube and you can view it below. Or you can listen to it at the official Megpoid page as well.

Nice voice there as usual, though I was hoping they could use some of the fanart illustrations instead since GUMI would definitely look better that way. =/

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7 thoughts on “New Official Illustrations and Demo Song For Megpoid”

  1. Heh, I think the entire Vocaloid fanbase is thinking that about GUMI’s art. But my gosh, what a beautiful voice! Put me down for two each of her debut album once the usual Internet composers get acquainted with her.

  2. The official art looks sort of amateur-ish to me. I don't know, her face bothers me. The demo song is lovely though. She might be one of the smoothest so far. It's rewritten my initially negative opinion of her (since I don't like the Ranka/Megumi fandom, I don't like Megupo's design, and I really wanted this new Vocaloid to be a male! Hahaha.)

    1. Well, you are not the only one wondering about her face though. But at least her voice is good and I am looking forward to more nice songs when she's released later this month..

  3. I'd say GUMI's well-drawn, but colored terribly. Dude, even I know that you should avoiding coloring highlights with that much white. It makes everything look plastic.

  4. Kio is already making a 3D model of her. It will most likely be cuter than these drawings… they're not bad… but they're not great.

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