Vocalostar Is A Top 10 Album

Exit Tunes latest album hits the Oricon charts

Anime News Network and animeanime.jp report that Exit Tunes Presents Vocalostar feat. Miku Hatsune cracked Oricon’s Weekly Top 10 Album list.  Last August, Re:Package hit #5 with nearly 20,000 copies, and this is presumably the first Vocaloid album to crack the Top 10 since then.

The exact position is currently unknown since the rankings haven’t been published yet, but we will get that to you as soon as we can.  In the meantime, you can hop on over to Vocalostar’s website and see what all the fuss is about.

[Update] The rankings for the week dated up to June 29th 09 have been made known and you can view it below. Vocalostar ranks in at 10th having sold over 11,700 copies.

Vocalostar Ranks In At The 10th position
Vocalostar Ranks In At The 10th position

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  1. http://stylejapan.unchained.nu/report/?m=20090311

    was 2nd on the daily rankings not sure for how long, probably release day, and then ended up 4th for the week. This was march of this year, so I would imagine the source material is wrong on exit tunes being the first since re:packaged. To date, supercell has sold 90,000+ and ranks 43rd on the year.

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