MMD Version 5.01 Released!

Image source: chibideko314さん
Image source: chibideko314さん

MMD Version 5.01 has been released, stronger than the version 4, changes from the last version would be added model and more detailed work and you can view the list below, the download link for it would be here. (If the link doesn’t seem to be working then you can just go to the VPVP main page to download the program from there). But do pardon my bad Japanese, if you want you can read the readme file included in the version 5 zip file yourself.

・Added AVI output mode
・Movie Quality Preference
・Speed (rate) Preference
・Output partition (If output is bigger than 2GB it is recommended to split them)

You will have to record another file with a sequential number to each input and output of the frames.
However, WAVE (Audio) can’t be recorded.

・Added Physics Generator (Not compatible with Kaito)
・10x Zooming capabilities
・When using the model camera icon press the Shift key to zoom 10x
・Reverted video ouput to speed priority
・Bug fixing

And oh, I just figured that version 5.01 provides you with English Mode in Help toolbar. And I believe this is a upgrade from the 4th version.

The models available in the latest version are Miku, Rin, Len, Akita Neru, Yowane Haku, Sakine Meiko, and Kaito.

Truthfully I wanted to make some sort of “pin-up” screenshot of every model available but my computer froze when I clicked the “load” for loading models, so I had to task kill it. I’d be covering a not-so-new MMD model after this. That I can do with the older version.

Once again, the link to downloading MMD Version 5.01 is here or from the VPVP main page.

25 thoughts on “MMD Version 5.01 Released!”

  1. i have never been more frustrated then with mmd dance omg . i am in tears tbh.
    no tutorial is clear enough they are assuming ppl already know how to use the basics…if ppl dont then we are left behind.

    i have dl the multidance version. fine, loaded a wav file but of course cant hear it…as i scroll along i can see the wav apparently added but nope notta sound. i loaded a couple premade models , loaded in the dl version of the love and joy motion file and one one model dances…the rest are like a background Oo…still no music…still reading frame 0 save is as avi and i get a 1 second avi of garbage.

    if anyone has a real step by step tutorial please let me know i am totally and truly lost and its nothing but frustrating.
    dianeax34 [at] hotmail [dot] com pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee all the online ones i have seen (like 20 so far) are completely useless.

    my goal is to make a vid like some have done using ff11 characters . making 3d models is far into the future but i wanted to at least get the basics of this dance thing worked out with the provided models, and dl motion file. i simply can not do it. 🙁
    any help? ;;

  2. im english and i cannot read japanese and please start sending the link in english not japanese yahoo 🙁

  3. well i can figure it out on the computer and i am english too as you can see lol this is like so funny cause you are older than me i am only twelve

  4. everytime i get different versions of MMD, neither of them supports ANY models i get ._. useless to install

  5. I’m English, don’t know Japanese, but I’m finding my way, so hush. And I’m not using Google Translate!

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