Welcome, Gumi!

Image source: 綾風柳晶
Image source: 綾風柳晶

Well, this post is Vocaloidism’s big fat welcome to Megpoid, whose software has already hit the streets of Japan on June 26th. This is SSW’s Internet software company’s 2nd venture into the virtual idol business–their first featuring the ubiquitous J-rocker Gackt. To know more about Gumi’s voice actress just continue reading after the break.

This time, upstart seiyuu sensation Megumi Nakajima (中島 愛) takes the starring role as Gumi. Ms. Nakajima’s hobbies involve reading and shopping, she’s a good cook, and most important to me, likes Earth, Wind, and Fire. She became a star practically overnight, voicing Ranka Lee, one of the two rival pop idols in Macross Frontier, which led her to be tapped for Megpoid.

Ms. Nakajima’s songs have already been performed extensively by the other Vocaloids (particularly “Seikan Hikou”), so it’ll be interesting to see what new tricks Gumi will bring to the table. All of us at Vocaloidism will be eagerly awaiting Gumi’s exploits and wish Ms. Nakajima luck and success in this and her upcoming ventures.

Also, here are a few of the nice Gumi song videos listed below. Enjoy!

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