Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #95

Image source: 万田
Image source: 万田

Another week, another review of WVR… Funny, it seems like only yesterday (looks at article below).

Last week we saw GUMI going the way of her “brother,” Gakupo and many other Vocaloids who are not named Miku, Rin/Len or Luka. Seems like she’s destined to play second fiddle, which is very unfortunate (since I see a lot of potential in her voice… being MAMEGU and all…).

Anyway just read on to see this week’s chart review.

Notes on specific songs/rank numbers:

  • #29 – Oh, hey! A Gakupo song…
  • #28 – BRS is still hanging on… even if it’s barely.
  • #25 – MELT is slowly slipping, too…
  • #24 – … as well as World is Mine.
  • #22 – Ah, now this is a bit nostalgic. I remember seeing the same Miku 3D model (sans the mermaid features) playing a harp before. Almost the same tune, actually, and the scenery is also kinda identical. Maybe this is from the same producer as the one before…
  • #20 & 19 – Do I really need to say anything about these?
  • #18 – … not to mention this!? I still can’t perfect this song on Project DIVA, even on Easy.
  • #17 – Welp… axisP is still at it…
  • #16 – Trivia: the guy who did the image also worked on Cendrillon and Just Be Friends… just in case you haven’t figured it out already.
  • #12 – Hmm… y’know, it just occurred to me that most of the popular Vocaloid songs nowdays seem to be “broken” Love Songs (unrequited love, forbidden love, etc.).
  • #11 – And just like the other GUMI songs before it… what a drastic drop. Sad.
  • #10 – I’m just glad MELTDOWN is still within the Top-10.
  • #6 – O____O CREEPY MIKU IMAGE… WTF… Must be another horror song.
  • #4 – From 1st, to 2nd, to 3rd… now to 4th. JBF is dropping, but it sure is dropping ever so slowly.
  • #3 – Oh, hey! Another Gakupo song… and it’s on the Top-3. Finally, a good Gakupo song that doesn’t depict him doing anything silly (like, y’know… being naked!?).
  • #2 – Creepy Miku song still on one of the top spots…
  • #1 – FILOZOFIO!!! WOOOOOOOO~!!! I knew it! The short version was really good, so it was just a matter of time for this long version to reach the ranking, ON THE TOP-1, no less!

In closing, I’m still saddened by the fact that GUMI has all but lost her initial impact. I don’t think any of the P’s have any new songs in store for her to sing. Oh well, such is the life of a Vocaloid who’s not named Miku, I guess.

And that wraps it up for this week’s WVR. Please visit the ranking discussion here. Seriously, we need a more active forums if we are to call ourselves “The Center of the English Vocaloid Community.” Thank you for joining us!

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2 thoughts on “Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #95”

  1. I agree so much about Gumi.
    The first time I heard a song sung by her, I was really impressed by her voice… She never gets enough love…

  2. I was surprised by the lack of GUMI songs on the countdown, too, but I was even more surprised by the lack of KAITO on there. He hasn't been on the ranking in a few weeks!

    WHen I found out filozofio was in the #1 spot, you wouldn't believe how excited I was. Lately, I haven't been blown away by al the songs in the #1 spot, but I was extremely happy when that song, one of my current favorite Vocaloid songs, was in that spot. I just hope it stay there for a while.

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