MMD v5.02 released two weeks ago

Honestly, I think we at V-ism should post at least 1 non-Vocaran story per week, even if it’s going to be fluff or something barely relevant.  Here’s this week’s article: The folks at the VPVP have released version 5.02 of MikuMikuDance, fixing a bug involving sound playback.  So if your audio’s been wonky, well there you are.

In a related note, the 3rd MMDCup is finishing up its qualifying round this Friday at 9PM Japan time.  There are over 80 videos amongst the three themes, and this page has them all, so pick your ponies fast.  This will definitely on my radar and will likely be next week’s non-Vocaran article.

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4 thoughts on “MMD v5.02 released two weeks ago”

    1. MMD has come with an optional English interface since late in version 4. This doesn’t work for some of the custom models, but you should be able to get the gist of what the Japanese characters mean.

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