Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #96


T’is time for another edition of the WVR review! But… umm… unfortunately this is gonna be quite brief since I didn’t do prior research (I was busy with other stuff during the week), so I won’t delve too much into the new songs that made it to this week’s rankings.

As a side note: can anyone teach me how to transplant Excessive Plus’ explosion particle effects into the regular Q3:A engine?

Anyhoo… let’s just head on over to the ranking and see if GUMI has made a comeback (crosses fingers).


  • BRS has finally dropped out of the Top-30. About time, too, as the ranking was starting to get crowded with a lot of mainstays
  • #30 – Seems like a catchy song. Maybe I’ll get into this later.
  • #28 – Hetalia Ryuuseigun FTW-!!!
  • #27 – Still dropping. 🙁
  • #26 – Still creepy. o_O
  • #25 – Oh, hey! Look everyone! Another Gakupo song! This time from the makers of Dancing Samurai! Well, the PV at least…
  • #22 – Nooooooooooooo~!!! Why the sudden drop from #1!? So sad…
  • #20 – Another Vocaloid-covered NICONICO medley, this seems like.
  • #16 – YEY!!! Another OSTER Project cutesy song!  This time featuring Luka in a non-“One More Kiss”-esque weirdness. Yeah, I still can’t believe OSTER produced that song.
  • #15 & #14 – The mainstays of forbidden love…
  • #13 – Another one of KAITO’s weird shenanigans.
  • #10 – Producers should make MEIKO and Luka sing together more often…
  • #8 – as do Rin and GUMI. Seriously, they go great together.
  • #6 – Skipped the 5th spot and headed over to the 6th… Looks like Joe’s prediction was not according to keikaku. As for me, I just want JBF to linger between #20 and #4, then I’ll be a happy camper.
  • #5 – Creepy Miku song finally drops out of the Top-3…

… And, umm, that it… I guess. Seriously, I can’t really say anything about this week’s Top-3 since this is the first time I’m seeing them. ANTI THE∞HOLiC looks like a countermeasure to “bousou”-songs like Shoushitsu, SPiCa is some kinda concert, and the Top-1 was drawn by CHAN_CO (he draws those adorable, pouty Chibi-Vocaloids). That’s it. See what happens when college consumes my time? Hopefully this won’t be the case next week (just pray to God my professors don’t give me a whole load of work to do).

And that wraps it up for this week’s ranking. Tune in again next week: same Vocaloid time, same Vocaloid channel! Thread discussions go here. Thank you for your time!!!

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3 thoughts on “Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #96”

  1. The No. 1 song is much more amusing if you know a bit of Japanese, heh. The title, "Vocaran sagi" translates to "Vocaloid Ranking Swindle", and as part of its lyrics, tries to guilt everyone into adding the video to their "My List" to encourage PaipanP to undergo an operation to save his life. (Or at least that's what my feeble grasp of the Japanese language tells me.) Amusing little joke song, eh?

    1. The fact that it actually made it to the top after being so insistant gives such a horrible message. "Beg for votes and we will give them." I mean it's like holding us all for ransom. As Conan O'Brien would say "Give us 3 million dollars or the Emperor Penguin gets it!" Seriously, that thing should not have made it to #1. #2, I would be able to part with, but 1…. no.

      1. The fact that it’s 95% likely to be a gag that everyone went along with doesn’t mean it’s sending a bad message. If ryo put up a new song tomorrow, Vocaran Sagi would be put out to pasture faster than you could say “Ponzi Scheme” and you know it.

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