Loli Miku

Really, that's the name.
娘 by eeee

I just want to share this attractive model from KiyoP. For lolicons out there it must feel nice to watch this little cute Miku to dance about. I first found out about her in this video over on youtube (Nico link). You can download the model from the link in this video. Avoid ecchi poses, please. It’s a crime.

Some other other examples of Chibi Miku:

6 thoughts on “Loli Miku”

    1. Oh. I just wondering whether you guys just give the code templates for images and other stuff. So it'll be easier for the editors.

  1. 4 years late, but idc Obviously you’ve never seen a chibi. Cause to me, that clearly looks like a loli, aka someone proportional enough to be mistaken as a kid.

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