Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #97

I really wish I could, GUMI... ;_; (Image source: ISM)

“See what happens when college consumes my time? Hopefully this won’t be the case next week (just pray to God my professors don’t give me a whole load of work to do).”

-DK, on Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #96’s review

Unfortunately, it was the case. Now I have a Thesis, a “Mini-Thesis”, and a JAVA program to work on for the entire week. Such a sad turn of events… please feel sorry for me now… [Editor’s Note: No. -JM]

Anyways, let move on to this week’s WVR. At this point, I’ve pretty much given up on GUMI ever getting the fame she oh-so-justly deserves, but let’s try to look into that. Seriously, it’s like the P’s are actively doing their best to ignore her presence in the Vocaloid community. Fans are also pretty divided now, since they can’t pick a song or, more specifically, don’t have any song to bump up the ranking.


  • Only one more supercell song left in the ranking…
  • #29 – Wow… what a huge drop.
  • #26 – Looks like Double Lariat is also slipping away.
  • #24 – This video just manages to make Luka look creepy somehow…
  • #21 – What’s with all the Hetalia spoofs lately!?
  • #20 – This is the ONLY GUMI song on the ranking this week. ;_;
  • #19 – Also slipping…
  • #18 & 10 – There’s a slight increase on Luka songs this week.
  • #17 – Also slipping…
  • #16 – Looks like this one fell on its bum… big time. HANG ON, JBF!!!
  • #13 – Ooooooh, new Shut-P song!
  • #12 – A lot of staples are slowly slipping, I guess.
  • #9 – Creepy Miku song also slipping…
  • #8 – … And more bousou-type songs just keep popping outta nowhere.
  • #5 – SPiCa also lost its Top-2 spot.
  • #4 – ANTI THE∞HOLiC also dropped.
  • #3 – A seemingly sad song that depicts Miku as native of sorts. Sorry, can’t really come up with a decent explaination, so I’m “wikifying” this one.
  • #2 – This song is still within the Top-3!? Aw c’mon! It was funny for a week, but I think this one really has to go.
  • #1 – And the All-Miku Top-3 Chart Domination Prophesy has been fulfilled… once again… for the umpteenth time now. [Editor’s Note: But you’re not bitter about it.  Not at all. -JM]

Is it just me, or did a landslide just occur in this week’s ranking. A HECKUVA LOT of songs slipped several slots down from their previous spots? And, just as predicted, GUMI is still being neglected.

[Editor’s Note: Speaking of slipped, check out the scores.  221k is pretty lousy for a #1 song, and only 7 songs broke 100k this week.  Compare to 9 two weeks ago (last week’s results are skewed, imo), 10 the week before, and 9 the prior week. This week’s #2 may be a disappointment to you, but it didn’t even retain 30% of last week’s score (“Creepy Miku” kept about 47% from debut to week 2) so this is probably more of an “unfortunate” coincidence.  -JM]

That pretty much does it for this week’s edition of the WRV review. Tune in again next week as… uh… well… I got nothing. Thank you and good night!

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  1. Hey Joe, I think you need to update your article on GUMI. Things aren't looking so optimistic for her future now.

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