A Special Interview About Hatsune Miku’s Music Creators – Tripshots/Nebula

Image source: entropy616さん
Image source: entropy616さん

Following the release of the video documentary a few months ago about Hatsune Miku and how she has managed to change the world with her music, Channel Asahi has released another video late last month as we go in depth into one of the Miku’s music creators, Tripshots, who made the popular song Nebula as he describes how he went about creating the PV together with the song in the video.

And to watch the video and know more information about Tripshots/Nebula just continue reading after the break~

Here’s the Tripshots/Nebula interview:

This is actually the second part of the special interview series on Miku’s music producers by Channel Asahi, the first one was from songwriter Kazuhito Tsukui (also known as SOSOSO-P), which was actually up a few months ago but I didn’t mention it here as there’s no English subtitles for it, that’s why. ^ ^;; But if you are interested you can watch the video about him below. 🙂

And that’s all the Vocaloid news for now, do stay updated to Vocaloidism for your fix of Vocaloid news. 🙂

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