The Disappearance Of Hatsune Miku Reaches Two Million Views

Image source: 九二枝
Image source: 九二枝

Yes, following Megurine Luka’s “Double Lariat” last month we now have another Vocaloid song which has hit two million views on Nico Nico Douga as well. And this time round it’s none other than Hatsune Miku’s well-known song “The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku” (Hatsune Miku no Shoushitsu or Shoushitsu in short) which achieved the feat on Aug 14th 2009 at 22.10 hours Japan Time.

More information about the story of the song as well as videos will be posted so do continue reading after the break~

And here’s the original version of the song below, along with the credits.

Music/Arrange/Lyrics: cosMo (暴走P)

The story of the song talks about Hatsune Miku reaching the end of her life due to an unknown virus/disease even as she hopes to become a human instead of just a singing tool made for humans. She wishes to sing even more songs and remain with her friends despite the end being near for her, which was noticed in the very fast singing of the song. Many different PVs have been created ever since the song was uploaded back in April 2008, and you can watch a couple of them below.

It was once thought that the song was practically impossible for humans to sing due to the lyrics being close to barely distinguishable when the song reaches its super-fast parts. But however, a group of artists on Nico Nico Douga has managed to done so and there’s a total of 16 artists altogether. Here’s the video below of them singing the almost impossible song.

And now that it’s been shown that humans can actually sing the song, then how about other methods of expressing the song, such as in sign language? Here’s one video below doing exactly just that.

That was no easy feat there, expressing the song in sign language with such fast hand movements, it definitely deserves respect in my opinion. 😀

And now, who would want to uninstall Miku ever again after watching the videos? For everyone who didn’t, “Thank you for not uninstalling”. 🙂

That’s all for now, do stay updated for more Vocaloid news.

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49 thoughts on “The Disappearance Of Hatsune Miku Reaches Two Million Views”

    1. For the MMD Cup III, they made Miku sign the entire thing based on that video, while she was disappearing.

  1. There have been a few more singers on nico to accomplish singing this song since that chorus version was made, I'd say there's over 20 now.

    CosMo has a new song out, and there's parts that are even faster than disappearance. So far I think 2 singers have been able to sing it, neither of which have done disappearance.

  2. I loved the handsigning version even better then the strictly vocal part,and my advice is…make sure miku never gets a virus in the first place ><!…

  3. Haha notice one of the users singing has Light Yagami as a picture XP thinking of him singing this song makes me laugh XDD

    1. No. Its was the day she “disappeared” from the internet. No  site would allow you to look up the name hatsune miku. this caused panic to millions of her fans. Hours after her disapperance she was able to be searched again thanks to die hard fans and otakus

  4. You people are a bit nuts. Remeber, “she” isn’t real. Go outside. I am told there is what is commonly referred to as “fresh air” beyond the walls, where non-LED light actually rains down from above.

    1. Um “fresh air” is an air fully contaminated n who cares whst u think ppl decide how to life n u cant chamge that

    2. And what makes you think she’s not real? Yes, she’s not human, and yes, she is a computer program, but that doesn’t mean she’s fictitious. She interacts with people, she has live performances, so what makes her not real? She’s just as real as anyone else.


  6. what about a computer ghost network(or participate user) plus an recovery ability like zero acess virus that will store her in case if she get deleted (from one or some computer) she will got recovered from other computer

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