Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #98

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A fairly accurate depiction of what’s going on in the rankings… (Image source: asaki)

I am seriously running out of things to say for my opening statements in these articles… I think it’s due to the slight decline of interest in Vocaloids from the community in general, which naturally affects me as well. Internet virtual idol-worship is such a tiny niche to fill, after all. It’s also part of the Otaku culture, so fans can just jump ship to the next big anime-thing once they get bored with Vocaloids. The release of Project DIVA prolly raised Hatsune Miku’s popularity for a bit, but you can only do so much in a rhythm game, and there won’t be a sequel for a few months at least.

So now we’re left to contend with the ever-shifting balance within NND’s politics, more specifically the WVR. Potential classics are still there, no doubt about that, but nowadays we see more “one-hit-wonders” than before, songs that make it to the Top-30 once, then return back into the shadows never to be seen again.


  • #30 – “I am Gundam“-ne shite ageru? The ramifications of Miku cosplaying Gundam Exia while dancing the Project DIVA version of MikuMiku ni Shite Ageru are quite staggering.
  • #29 – Looks like BRS is back in the ranking… as well as World is Mine on the 21st place…
  • #27 – Hmm… is it just me, or does this sound an lot like Migikata no Chou?
  • #25 – New samfree song… this time not trance.
  • #19 – This little fella just hit over 2 million views. Congratulations!
  • #18 – Ring my BEEEEEEEEEELL~! Ring my Bell! Nope, it’s not the Sonika cover, unfortunately… It’s not even the same song, either.
  • #17 – I think this one is part of the MMD Cup that’s going on somewhere in NND.
  • #11 – HOLY BALLS!!! Vocanaindesu suddenly outta freakin’ nowhere! Gotta give yuukiss credit for this one, though I dunno how…
  • THIS WEEK’S PICK-UP: Wow, this is the first time I’m reviewing a Pick-Up song, because it sounds really nice (a lot like kz’s works, in fact). Definitely looking forward to this one.
  • #10-#8 – A streak of Luka songs… which are very good. Ignition is a new one by Dixie Flatline, btw…
  • #6 – … as well as this one. Looks like they’re riding the waves of popularity generated by JBF, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but they don’t quite live up to JBF’s epicness, which is kinda disappointing.
  • #5 – Heh… Miku here looks like that Xing-girl from FMA, complete with a “Black-and-White” Cat.
  • #3 – Whole…
  • #2 – Lee…
  • #1 – … BALLS!!! An All-Rin Hard Rock TOP-3!!! It’s so awesome, I almost shed a tear. #1 was in the rankings prior to this one, but #2 and #3 are quite new, and they all share the common theme of Rin rocking out and looking badass about it. MELTDOWN’s HARD R.K mix might have been an inspiration for these three.

All in all, I was pleasantly surprised with this week’s review. Seems like last week was just a lull and now everything’s back in order (ALL mainstays went back up a few notches). Plus the fact that we have the awesome, awesome Top-3 Rin-fest makes this a worthwhile review for me at least. No, I absolutely REFUSE to comment about the lack of GUMI this week. I can’t hear you, La-la-la-la-La~lalalala-LAAAAA~!!!

(Editor’s note: You are living in self-denial, DK. 😛 But I absolutely agree with you on the Top 3 Rin songs. 😀 – DT)

Well, that just about does it for this week’s ranking review. Please tune in again next week… seriously, we need more viewers to keep this show from being canned. See you then!

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12 thoughts on “Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #98”

  1. considering vocaloid2 will be starting it's 3rd year on the market, I'd say it's still hanging on quite strongly. The views have been down, but you also have to look at the fact that this is the summer holiday season in japan (I believe ,that's what cdjapan was telling me) also a lot of the vocaloid artists who were on the top previously are now releasing albums, some of which are only doing albums exclusively. So that's drawn away some of the top composers. As for vocaloid family + gumi, I think gacktpo gets the same treatment, he's really not that involved either. There might be some weirdness in rights and licensing with the internet company's vocaloids, how do you sell that on itunes packaged with crypton licensed vocaloid songs?

    What if you mix INTERCO's vocaloids and Crypton's vocaloids in the same song? then you're going to have strange rights issues when trying to sell them.

    Like it or not, crypton is starting to go commercial with vocaloid and it's userbase, and I think they have to in order to protect themselves as a company and their community to maintain a certain level of quality.

    The pace in which songs are released is very rapid, so you have to consider composer burnout as well as the life cycle of a song… with the weekly rankings in place and such a huge volume of new songs this week, even a decent song can get washed out of the top 30 to be replaced by something like a 'classic' of melt or brs, etc. I have so many vocaloid songs right now that I could play the list nonstop and have it go for 3 straight days… and I've been deleting songs too or just not downloading a ton of them… Every week I'll go into the top 120 and grab the codes for about 30 NEW songs. It's too bad they didn't release an HTML version of the rankings so I can just go and click everything with a new date.

    I think if you want to find songs, you'll have to look outside the top 30 and into the top 120, especially for the gumi songs, there's about 30 of them right now that are pretty good, but don't show up on the listings.

    1. [In response to the second-ish paragraph,] I'm pretty sure that the copyright of a Vocaloid belongs to the songwriter, like using a branded guitar or synthesizer. C: Although whether that applies to Internet's Vocaloids I'm not sure.

  2. It seems to me that it's always been the case that most songs hit the Top 30 for one or two weeks then fade away, and that it's actually been only in the past couple months that a new wave of potential long-runners has started to crop up. Not really unusual patterns at all. But I did get the sense of a slowdown the past two weeks with the songs that have popped up in the ranking and their point-earnings.

    Still, a very interesting ranking this week, with a string of Luka and Rin songs in the top 10, as well as a surprise 11th place showing from yuukiss' Vocannaindesu. Regarding GUMI's absence from the Top 30, people just haven't been making many songs for her. Perhaps there is a quality expectation that is different for GUMI than there is for the other Vocaloids. Or perhaps it's because Nakajima Megumi isn't nearly as popular as the fans think she is. Well, we've just gotta keep an eye out for someone to make a breakout hit for her to reach the top spot. It'll happen eventually, but who knows how long it will take?

    1. it moves at such a fast pace, a decent song can make the top 120, a good song will hit top 30 and drop because of the volume of music… only truly amazing songs seem to stick for any longer than a week or two.

      A lot of people were wondering about osterP's One More Kiss and how it seemed to be outside his normal faire, but I found the song to be a good song, it stuck around 2 or 3 weeks. You can see the effect of a song and it's true popularity by seeing how many nico singers do their own uttatemitte version of it. One More Kiss has a decent amount of fan following.

      What the rankings don't tell us is how many visits are from one nico account in a given period of time. There's some interesting trends of how older songs get bumped when the composer releases a new song, also songs that are not popular suddenly jump for no apparent reason. I would wager that 2ch's version of anonymous is playing around, or a link is being circulated among a group of people with various intent. The rankings can be easily manipulated.

    1. It might be the design, it might also be that she sounds a little too much like nakajima and too real. If you listen to saki fujita and shimoda asami, they don't sound like miku and the kagamines all the time, even luka doesn't sound a whole lot like Asakawa Yuu only a little in some inflections, but gumi sounds A LOT like nakajima.

  3. Vocaloids aren't just a fad to me. Vocaloid and music go hand-in-hand, and since music has been a part of my life since I was born, I'm not going to "jump ship" from the Vocaloid fandom anytime soon.

    And about the lack of GUMI: I think it is partly due to the official character design (let's fact it, it's fugly) and no amount of fanart can mask that. If people can look past that and focus on the voice (and try not to think of Ranka Lee), then maybe Ranka will be more respected by the Vocaloid fan community.

  4. You know what I think when I see that picture?

    Len: "You really suck, you know that?"
    Megpoid: "Ugh! I don't suck! How dare you!"

  5. OMG, there are some really good Kagamine ones this time! <3 #8 was great, too. And Vocanaindesu is always epic.

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