Preview – Black★Rock Shooter Anime (Updated)

Yes, B★RS is going to have an anime in the near future! :D
Yes, B★RS is going to have an anime in the near future! 😀

[Update: Included preorder links on Amazon Japan]

Information from Good Smile Company has it that Black★Rock Shooter, an original character by huke, will be having an anime based on it which is projected to start in Spring 2010. The Pilot Edition of the anime will be made available in September 2009 and supposedly it will be a short introduction to something bigger.

For more preview images and information about the Black★Rock Shooter -Pilot Edition- just continue reading after the break!

And here are the preview images below:

The B★RS -Pilot Edition- is scheduled to come out on September 30th in the form of DVD and Blu-ray disc and prices will be set at 1,260 yen for the DVD set and 1,890 yen for the Blu-ray disc set. Various online sites such as Amazon Japan will be starting the pre-order for it in the next few days as well.

[Update as of Aug 23rd 09: The preorder for B★RS -Pilot Edition- is now up on Amazon Japan and you can go there to preorder the DVD or the Blu-ray set.]

And for more information about the anime you may want to visit the official Black★Rock Shooter Project site, and we will keep you updated about the anime here on the blog as well.

Info source: Good Smile Company, Black★Rock Shooter Project site,
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32 thoughts on “Preview – Black★Rock Shooter Anime (Updated)”

  1. Oh japan.

    The only place where your OC's can get so popular that somebody'll make an ANIME with them innit :V

  2. omg.


    /dances around like there's something wrong with her

    Actually with the advent of this anime won't that mean that the BRS music video will be really confusing to new Vocaloid fans? Like they'll be like "isn't this an anime?" and now we can't just answer "no."

    1. Actually BRS is more a emo character then everything else since she has to kill her older sister to rescue the world…

        1. Well, technically, lurkingknight was right. He was only referring to the awesome episodes, i.e. season 1. Yamamoto Yutaka left KyoAni years ago and founded Ordet, which is doing B*RS.

  3. I can't wait for a guy who had his camera focused on the screen to put this up on a website. Seriously, I want to see the preview WITHOUT the shaking and zooming in and out. Ah, man, Japan is hella lucky though.

    1. It's popular because the father of many of our favorite Vocaloid songs created the idea and used our lovely Miku to introduce us to it. To some it was an awesome song and to others it was a story that needed told. I'm not saying it'll be good, but I for one am anticapating it.

  4. I'm assuming the reason BRS has an anime is because the inherent concept is more focused and marketeable than Vocaloids as a whole. With the Vocaloids, all they have is the characters, as well as a collection of songs with entirely unrelated plots: in contrast, BRS has a sort of story attached to it with the 3DPV. I can imagine if they wanted to make other short series based on, say, Kokoro+Kiseki, the Evil songs or SPICE/RIP=RELEASE/magnet, they would have an equal amount of base material to go off. But ahh maybe a SPICE series would not be the way to go.

  5. ^_^ I am amused to find more people bothered by the "School girl in uniform" introduction.
    Cause that irked me also… I mean MUST they start out that way? Then again, there probably wasn't other options.
    I don' kno'. It just seems so generic to do that with BRS.

    There was a post on JNP Amazon, that gave the BRS preorder a 1 star. And saying "What is this?! I don't even recognize it anymore". So it seems there are some Japanese fans who are not big on BRS being an anime (or anime short). But dangit… HUKE works hard and he does deserve his fame; as well as ryo.

    1. That's what magical girls usually start out as . Its one of the many stuff otaku are into.

      By the looks of it, the OVA will be great to watch. Very appealing visuals but I won't be expecting much from its story. Although we still don't know the real story, the previews give me a hint that its not really groundbreaking or revolutionizing. One could easily pinpoint many familiar elements found in other anime.

      Seeing all that marketing about it. I guess its story is something easy to digest.


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