EPIC Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #100

COSMiCA!!! (Image source: ukke)

In retrospect, while it is sad that GUMI doesn’t have as much songs as she should from the P’s in NND, I think it was still a fair turn of events. Otherwise, kz’s Crosslight wouldn’t be an epic album with an awesome COSMiCA single, and I wouldn’t ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! This is the break GUMI has been needing since a couple of weeks before, and kz just delivers it with a dash of techno and trance. It’s just too bad it cannot be in the rankings since kz’s making a profit out of it… maybe we’ll see it in the Oricon charts instead.

And to think: this was the image I was planning on using before I discovered Crosslight/COSMiCA… That’s just bad form, DK. For shame…

Alright, now that I got that off my chest, it’s time for the ULTRA-MEGA-SPECTACULAR-EPIC 100th edition of the Weekly Vocaloid Ranking (but not this review article, unfortunately ;_;)!!! Actually, the ranking itself isn’t particularly epic, given a strange turn of events in NND… but I’ll get to that later. Right now, let’s head on over to the review!


History: Red = DK, Green = DT, Blue = JM

  • #30: I’m disappointed that songs that aren’t idol pop or pop rock continue to have low popularity. Well, you are not the only one having the same feeling.
  • #29: Classic doriko song. This was prolly bumped up due to the Miku-FES event that happened recently.
  • #28: The colors, Duke. The colors!
  • #27: I think it’s safe to assume that this creepy Miku song is a classic by now. But given the popularity of the other Vocaloid horror songs, it’ll prolly just stay a cult classic (if TV Tropes discussions are anything to go by). I thought it was also a summer thing. Am I wrong?
  • #26: A Shoushitsu remake with parody lyrics perhaps? The comments on NND were all “WWWWWWWWWWWWW” and stuff. It’s not for people who get motion sick, either. A Shoushitsu parody with political reference, I guess?
  • #25: <no comment>
  • #24: From the P that gave us PoPipPo~ and Triple Baka
  • #23: The real Shoushitsu still beats the “joke-subs” version, I guess.
  • #22: New Gakupo song. A little bit on the pop side of rock, but I still approve.
  • #21: <no comment>
  • #20: Still sounds like Miku and Rin to me. And provided, in part, by Viewers Like You.
  • #19: What the heck-? Creepy blue anon dude… Love her expression, though. This will require further research. Agree with Joe, could need to find out more about this.
  • #18: <no comment>
  • #17: <no comment>
  • #16: <no comment>
  • #15: I look at this picture and think that maybe they got their mics tangled and are trying to pull them out in the most drunkenly suggestive way possible.
  • #14: <no comment>
  • #13: <no comment>
  • #12: Another Miku-FES bump. Happy 100th Ranking! *fweeeeet* And all hail to this ever-popular Miku song.
  • #11: Seems like most of mainstays this week are between this and #18. This sounds and looks like it could’ve been the B-side for Saihate.
  • THIS WEEK’S PICK-UP: <no comment>
  • #10: WAHAHAHAHA~!!! An agoanikiP super mix! There’s always something about them Vocaloid’s blank looks that makes me laugh. Did we ever get a Volume 2 for the original SHB?
  • #9: Still within the Top-10, keeping up the good beats. Like love, this song is a roller coaster ride. Well, this song looks solid enough to remain on the charts for some time, at least.
  • #8: <no comment>
  • #7: <no comment>
  • #6: Another Miku-FES bump + incoming anime adaptation. I blame the animu.The news of an upcoming anime has sure made people re-watch this.
  • #5: Good to see an alternative genre climb up the ladder, even though it sounds like it could be a Gundam ED. A passionate Rin song there, and part of it is actually sung in Spanish as well.
  • #4: I’m a sucker for songs that blend traditional and modern musical styles. ^^;
  • #3: ACUTE dropped from it’s top spot, but fortunately it’s still within the Top-3. NICE BOAT keeps on sailing. Considering it retained 98% of it’s score from last week, the drop in position is more an indicator of how last week stunk.
  • #2: I like how it’s a more straight-laced rock, but I’m not sold.
  • #1: LOL had an entire week to accumulate points since it was uploaded almost after WVR #99. No surprise that it made the top spot for this week. But 635K? I think you give mikumix too little credit. This song probably broke Top 30 all-time just on visuals. The song helped land LOL at lucky #13. Just like the song title, the lyrics itself is full of LOLs.
  • ED: Bonus points for being straight acoustic guitar.

By now, you guys are probably wondering about what happened to MELTDOWN. Apparently, the original video has been removed from NND. I dunno much about the details, but nagimiso has uploaded a newer version of MELTDOWN, this time with PV of the DVD version. The video can be found here. Whether this means that MELTDOWN‘s score in the ranking has to start from scratch or the video itself is disqualified entirely from WVR (the rankings exempt alternate/PV-versions of original songs) is currently unknown. This marks the first time MELTDOWN has flunked out of WVR. Roshin Yukai was on the charts for 36 weeks, going below #14 all of once (17th). Before being pulled, it held the longest active streak of consecutive Top 30’s. Double Lariat now holds that mark with 30, with Miku Miku ni (ry at 29

Hopefully it’s the former option, ‘coz I’ll be so disheartened if I never get to see MELTDOWN in the rankings again (it’s not even in the “Beyond 30” zone). If there’s any part of this that’s inaccurate (my moonspeak-fu is very weak, after all), anyone is free to enlighten me on the actual situation.

That does it for this week’s WVR review. Please join us again next week, and please say a little prayer for MELTDOWN and its speedy recovery.*Offers prayer as well*

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6 thoughts on “EPIC Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #100”

    1. in the WVR for each song, there’s a code that looks something like sm9876789 or nm6784567. Basically sm or nm followed by numbers. That’s the code you put in the URL for the direct link to the original song.

  1. I-I dreamt that everyone disappeared… and they did. I'll get the deleters by the throat, and definitely won't be crying! >:( Best Vocaloid song of all… RIP, and good luck bypassing nuclear power station security in heaven. ;-;

  2. Yeah, REALLY epic WVR.
    I saw a lot of new songs, and one of my favourite new songs ["La Fiesta"] is the #5… and one of the best Vocaloid songs ever is off of the ranking. That's really sad, I hope there will be another opportunity for "Meltdown" to return to the WVR, but if it's not… like anon said, RIP "Meltdown", we will always remember you 🙁

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