MMD gets a shiny new update

Sup, dawg.  So I herd you liek shinies
Sup, dawg. So I herd you liek teh bling bling

As is the case with most of our MikuMikuDance reports, we’re a bit behind, but I think this is noteworthy. On the 29th of August, MMD upgraded to version 5.10. Amongst the various fixes between our last article and this one is featured in the above picture.  A new “metal” Miku model comes with the standard MMD package.  Pick up your blinged-out pop star at the VPVP homepage like always.

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2 thoughts on “MMD gets a shiny new update”

  1. Is it bad that I thought she was going to be completely grey like in Brawl despite you guys supplying a picture up there. |D;

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