Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #101 – “The MELTDOWN Effect”

MELTDOWN bids a bitter farewell to the WVR... (image source: chris)

It’s official: MELTDOWN is never coming back to the WVR. This is due to WVR’s rule not to include songs that were not uploaded by their original producers; MELTDOWN’s producer is iroha(sasaki), while the new MELTDOWN video using the DVD PV was uploaded by nagimiso.

The whole mess started because of the fact that iroha(sasaki) didn’t want NND members to go on creating dummy accounts and put MELTDOWN in the dummies’ MyList (which was hugely the case and one of the reasons for Miku Miku ni Shite Ageru‘s and MELT‘s continuing “popularity” in WVR). The fans did not listen to iroha(sasaki)‘s message to stop, however, so s/he decided to delete the video him/herself. S/he then allowed nagimiso to upload a copy that wouldn’t be qualified for the rankings anymore, so the fans will have no choice but to stop “bumping” the song.

Two weeks have passed since that incident, now the WVR is experience something that I would like to dub as “The MELTDOWN Effect” – the mainstays of the ranking have began to drop dramatically because of members being aware of the “bumping” malpractice. ALMOST ALL of of the mainstays have drastically dropped several places this week, with Shoushitsu getting outright booted off the Top-30, and giving more new songs a top spot.

For the sake of decency, I will refrain from commenting on the individual songs within the Top-30 this week, as I am still disappointed with these recent turn of events. All the nice, flowery comments in the note-box will be coming from DTKel and Joe_Mello exclusively. I mean, c’mon, you guys wouldn’t want me to say not-so nice things about your favorite songs now, would you…? Even though they’ve clearly overstayed their welcome… okay I’ll shut up now.

If you want to continue to be “The Paula” in this exercise, then feel free to stay quiet. Otherwise, I’ll be the one mentioning how big the drops are (if they actually are drops) in addition to the other commentary.

I will be reserving most of the comments as well for this week as it seems like demise of Meltdown has caused quite a knock-on effect on many songs this week, especially those that used to be regularly on the rankings.


History: Red = DK, Green = DT, Blue = JM

  • #30: Down 3k in points from last week
  • #29: I think we have a nominee for Engrish Of The Year 2009. I could be wrong, though.
  • #28: Down 5k
  • #27: And the Shoushitsu parody continues this week…
  • #26: First real drop for “Acute,” as more than half its score goes away. That’s probably natural, though.
  • #25: <no comment>
  • #24: “Gothic & Rock,” eh? I’ll allow it
  • #23: An increase of 2/3 from last week. I wonder if this gets a spike during Halloween.
  • #22: My catgirl senses are tingling. I won’t be surprised if someone decides to cosplay with this outfit of Rin.
  • #21: A drop of about 40%
  • #20: Score actually went up 1400 pts.
  • #19: And up 5,169 here. Are we sure there’s a reactive drop-off or are there just better songs?
  • #18: Maybe one can gain some motivation for losing weight after watching this video?
  • #17: 10,000 point jump here.
  • #16: +9k
  • #15: This seems like a tremendous rocket launch, but remember that this song got in right under the gun last week. Still, it’s 62k and 96 spots.
  • #14: The pace of the melody and the music don’t match up here, I don’t think.
  • #13: Ah, streams of triplets. Always fun. 🙂
  • #12: Only an 8k buff here.
  • #11: <no comment>
  • THIS WEEK’S PICK-UP: Oookaay… maybe I’ll comment on this song at the very least. This song is the only bright spot for me this week, as it features GUMI paired up with Sonika… and it works! I never noticed this before, but GUMI and Sonika sound awfully alike. You do realize that there won’t be any more Gumi for a month, right? BROOKLIN RAAAAAAGGGEEEE~!!!
  • #10: <no comment>
  • #9: <no comment>
  • #8: Loved the different images used in this version of Hajimete no Oto made for Miku’s birthday. But one point of note: Where’s GUMI?
  • #7: Are we ever going to get over Tohou? EVER?
  • #6: <no comment>
  • #5: <no comment>
  • #4: Need more information.
  • #3: The timing of the subs is a little off. Otherwise, it’s an okay ballad. A nice, slow Miku song. May Miku and her songs continue on forever.
  • #2: LOL loses about 3/4 of its score, but that’s almost to be expected, considering it hit 635k last week. If it dropped another 80k or so, then you could raise red flags.
  • #1: See #15 (it’s a shame this wasn’t 16 last week.). “Twin-faced Lovers” had an extra day to develop and obviously has better chops. Honestly, it’s reminiscent of Shoushitsu’s fast parts except spread out throughout the song. A decent score of 295k is tops this week.

And that does it for this week’s ranking review. For further reading on the MELTDOWN incident (and my bitter RAAAAAAGGGEEE~!!!), please visit this thread. For those who’d like a more eloquent take, stay tuned. A V-ism op/ed piece is in the works.

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9 thoughts on “Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #101 – “The MELTDOWN Effect””

  1. I think its all of the best, I enjoy Meltdown myself but it gives better chances for other songs that are just as good. Besides who wants to watch a WVR with song you already know?

  2. Meltdown isn't dead. It's still a good song, and will still gain popularity, just not in the WVR. I think it's time that the veteran songs get off of WVR and allow new songs to come in. Plus, we need more of the other Vocaloids. Not just Miku, Rin and Ren.

  3. I live that the WVR is a mix of new and old songs, and don't want that to change, honestly. I think the "Meltdown Effect" is being rather exaggerated, honestly. There's little evidence of it. The old favorites jump around all the time. And people easily forget that we're getting "new old favorites" all the time. Magnet? Double Lariat? These aren't Melt-age songs.

  4. Guards, time to drop. Srsly. I’m sick and tired of seeing Miku Miku and Melt for more than a year straight. (Even though I haven’t been watching the ranking lately. You know what I mean. :< )

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