More Black★Rock Shooter Anime Screenshots Preview

Earlier yesterday Mikatan updated her blog with more preview images of the upcoming “Black★Rock Shooter – Pilot Edition” anime, which will be made available on September 30th 2009 in the format of DVD and Blu-ray discs together with CDs for the music.

More screenshot previews and information will be posted so just continue reading as usual~

According to the blog a 90-second footage from the anime will be included in The Pilot Edition together with a number of new song tracks from the series.

This anime is set to air in Spring 2010 and you can still pre-order the DVD or the Blu-ray set from Amazon Japan (ships internationally) currently.

And oh, there will also be a draw in which 10 lucky winners will win an exclusive “Black Rock Shooter Charm” which was sold during the Comiket event.

However it seems that this is exclusive to Japan only so you would need relatives or friends living in Japan to help you ship over should you win.

Anyway what you need to do to take part in the draw is very simple. Just go to this page, type in your comments about the upcoming BRS anime and fill in your Name, E-mail address, Gender, Region (in Japan) and Age before sending in the form. The draw has already started and will end on September 18th 2009 at 16:00 hours Japan Time. Winners will subsequently be announced on Mikatan’s blog.

Info and image source: Mikatan

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8 thoughts on “More Black★Rock Shooter Anime Screenshots Preview”

  1. The charm reminds me too much of the Vocaloid Ranking Swindle guy. I'm still way too bitter about that to like it.
    As for BRS itself, it better be treated beyond right, because this opens the door for all of Vocaloid to become animated. Meltdown, Servant of Evil, I bet animation studios are on the edge of their seats to pick up Toeto. All of it hinges on the success of BRS. It's time to see just how popular Vocaloid really is.

  2. A big question when you’re itching to read a light novel or manga in Japanese is where you can order it from. If you live in Japan, you can just walk to the closest bookshop and get whatever you want. But not all of us are so lucky. Personally I live in Europe, and while there are local stores that sell literature in Japanese, they don’t have much to offer, and what there is can be quite expensive.

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