Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #102 – “And life goes on…”

Image source: 語日海
Image source: 語日海

Before I start, lemme just apologize for my erratic behavior during the previous ranking review. It’s not that I suddenly hate all the mainstays in the WVR, but the fact that fans would do such underhanded tactics just to keep them on top just makes me wonder that the rankings really is all about… MELTDOWN was just an unfortunate loss because the producers behind it were enlightened by their creation’s “fake” popularity and decided to take the righteous path. What’s more, it’s those who truly love MELTDOWN that will be saddened by its disappearance for the rankings, while the trolls would just simply move on to another popular song and “bump” it in the hopes that the producer/s wouldn’t mind the malpractice.

Now let’s see if my “MELTDOWN Effect” theory actually holds some weight… Joe_Mello gave us the exact statistics of all the mainstays in WVR, but what I’m looking for is a little more specific – if Miku Miku ni Shite Ageru, MELT and Shoushitsu manage to survive the fallout (or in Shoushitsu‘s case, rise from the ashes), then I will acknowledge my hypothesis to be void.

NOTES: History: Red = DK, Green = DT, Blue = JM

  • #30: <no comment>
  • #29: What’s that, JM? No GUMI for a month!? I know this song won’t last long, but at least lemme gloat while it’s still here. I forgot to set my clock.
  • #28: I expect this to leave the Top 30 next week. You don’t hemorrage nearly 100k and survive.
  • #27: So it was only a 1-week holiday. And back for another long stay perhaps?
  • #26: <no comment>
  • #25: <no comment>
  • #24: <no comment>
  • #23: <no comment>
  • #22: <no comment>
  • #21: 1/4 of the score gone. O TEH NOEZ IS NHK!!!!1!
  • #20: Both songs dropped about 13k, too.
  • #19: Awwww, only a 12k drop. And we have three regulars retaining their respective positions of 21st-19th as from last week.
  • #18: A bad week for scoring, but a good week for Len. Another song of the “SOU” series by AVTechNO, this one was also nicely done as the rest.
  • #17: Only a 3,000 point increase, but a jump of 13 spots.
  • #16: <no comment>
  • #15: Luka rock? Hmm… not bad, me likey! Now that is one good Luka rock song.
  • #14: <no comment>
  • #13: <no comment>
  • #12: Harvest dropping 12k proves it’s not just the regulars taking hits.
  • #11: Maybe it’s me but there’s a trance-like feeling listening to this song.
  • THIS WEEK’S PICK-UP: <no comment>
  • #10: Nearly 1/2 of Drain’s score goes down the . . . tubes.
  • #9: A man-sized boost here. 80 percent!
  • #8: Ahh… My favorite song this week. Luka looks and sounds classy as a Jazz singer. “Original cover?” Ooooooookay. Go correct me if I am wrong, the song was originally sung by Miku, but the arrange was done differently for this Luka version?
  • #7: Len’s definitely coming up big this week. Of all the Len songs on this week, this one takes the cake. 98 positions jump in ranking.
  • #6: Drop off of more than half. More ups and downs for the twin-faced lovers. Another coaster ride here…
  • #5: <no comment>
  • #4: I really can’t find anything to LOL about in this video, when Miku looks all somber and stuff. Stunning commentary from Mr. DK. (DK was bitten by JM’s sarcasm. 1 frag point for JM. JM has taken the lead.) Anyway, this is a surprise for me that LOL is out of the money, but it only lost about 10% of its score on a week where everyone lost a chunk. Expect NND to LOL for quite a while. Indeed so. *Posts LOL signboard*
  • #3: There’s something about songs that use lyrics as part of the PV that bothers me a bit… Maybe it’s the fact that the lyrics are so slow to show up, or just plain unreadable because of the background. Speaking of things to stick awhile. Puzzle is ready for prime-time. 42% jump
  • #2: I find the instrumentation refreshing for this song. A nice, if sad-sounding Miku song.
  • #1: Can a picture be both saccharine and nightmare fuel?

Hmm… If I remember right, didn’t the MyList have a x50 multiplier before? Anyways, looks like Shoushitsu managed to get back up to the Top-30, while Miku Miku ni shite Ageru and MELT didn’t move from their places last week. So what does this tell us? JM, your thoughts please…

If you wanted fallout from “Roshin Yuukai”, this might be Exhibit A. When comparing position vs position, most songs out of the Top 3 seemed to be down five figures from the week before. However, the fact that the usual suspects are still around the Top3 makes me wonder if the songs are ranked because, heaven forbid, the songs are good.

Next week is Silver Week, so it’ll be interesting to see if that will affect the scores either way. Also, I want me some SP4. Now.

And that wraps up this week’s ranking review! Hope you join us again next time for more Action-Packed adventures, Thrills and Chills, and Heart-Breaking Drama! Okay, I’ll stop now.

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  1. could you kindly include the name of the song beside the number it ranked? If you're not going to write a real 'review' and just some quick comments in passing, it would be nice to know what songs you're talking about.

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