Expected Host/Server Transition For Vocaloidism Blog

Image source: isounagiさん
Image source: isounagiさん

Well, please don’t be alarmed if you have been experiencing the “Site Too Busy/Situs Sedang Sibuk”, “Out of Memory”, or a similar error message while on the blog. Currently we are transitioning the blog from the old host/server (Indonesian based, but the server location is in the US) to a new host/server (US based, and the server location is in the US) of which our forums is based in, but that will finish at around January 2010 if everything goes well. Since the domain lock will expire at December, Kevin have already arranged a domain transfer. The blog may be down at around the 2010 New Year, only for a few hours if everything goes well.

So we will be seeking everyone’s kind understanding in the meantime and be rest assured that the Vocaloidism staff are still committed to bringing you more Vocaloid news and information as always. And if you encounter the error messages you can try reloading the page by pressing “Ctrl + F5”  to clear the cache, sometimes it will get you to the page you are viewing.

If you encounter the “Site Too Busy/Situs Sedang Sibuk” error again, that means that the blog is using so many server resources (as there are many people accessing the blog at the same time) that the server decides to lock the site for 6 minutes. After that everything will be normal as usual. We have tested the forums using the US-based webhost and everything is well – so we’re hoping that these kinds of errors will be reduced by at least 99%. The Wiki will also be moved to the new server, so after the New Year, we hope everything will be faster, better and error-free.

Once again, thanks for understanding. 🙂

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  1. Hope this transition goes well. It is sad that vocaloidism will be offline for a few hours, but we will have a better one. XD

    1. Yep, we were on an Indonesian based, US web hosting service. We'll move into a US based, US web hosting, which our forum runs on in a few weeks. Thanks for the support! =)

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