Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #103 – “Site Busy! BLARGH!!!”

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Alright, seriously… this is starting to get really irritating.

I’m really not sure about you guys, but we here at Vocaloidism have been experiencing some “Site Busy” problems that have been messing up our time in creating articles. What happens is that whenever we try to save the draft, “Situs Sedang Sibuk!” pops up, and when we try to backtrack to the previous page, viola! All our hard work goes down the drain! So now I find myself in a paranoid fit – going about the copypasta’ing every line I make before I hit that Save Draft button, for fear that might have to start all over again.

Ctrl+F5 is your friends, but for once, I agree. RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGE!!!!

But enough about that, today marks the 3rd week of testing my “MELTDOWN Effect” theory. So let’s get things in motion!


History: Red = DK, Green = DT, Blue = JM

Another week, another “Drops on lower ranks and New Songs on higher ranks“-shindig. JM, what’s the conclusion for this one?

It’s also another “all scores down” week. With a lot of the mega producers with commercial deals, and a lot of NND users caught red-handed in the “Meltdown” fallout, you have to wonder if people are just being turned off to Vocaloid music. D:

And that about does it for this week…

Oh and by the way, to all our valued readers, please tell us if you’re also experiencing “Site Busy” problems that keep you away from V-ism. I’m starting to suspect foul play an inadequate server is involved in all of this. Thank you for your cooperation. All readers, please refer to this blog post instead about the “Site Too Busy/Sidus Sedang Sibuk” error messages as we hope to seek your kind understanding about the matter.

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6 thoughts on “Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #103 – “Site Busy! BLARGH!!!””

  1. Pertaining to #3 does anyone remember that Kuma Mix that was on the countdown a few months back? The MiKUMA falling in the background is in reference to it. *digs through his favorites to find the youtube link* Here we go. [youtube tR9-phzoq0w


    I also think the Pickup and #7 were intentionally released together.

  2. Yeah, I was getting the “site busy” error earlier today. ><;

    Btw, thanks for putting up the title names with the review. ^^/ I was gonna say something, but someone beat me to it last week lol.

    As for the "meltdown effect", I certainly hope it's real and has some impact on the WVR. While I like having "classic" Vocaloid songs on there, if Meltdown had to go, then so should the others…

  3. Looking back, and now that all three of you have made your comments, how come no one had anything witty to say about #8: Love is Brainwashing? I can think of quite a few things to say about that thing.

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