MMD gets update, Gumi gets love

For once, the goggles do something
Who's reaching out to capture the moment?

MikuMikuDance has been updated to 5.13 on both the English and Japanese versions. (The one you want is dependent on your regional setting. Just setting your non-Unicode setting to Japanese doesn’t work anymore.) This is all well and good, but there’s something better on the update front. Nanami Watabe has uploaded a .pmd of Megpoid! It’s the first Gumi model released to the public (Ranka Lee doesn’t count) and the package actually includes three Gumies, each with a level of customization that would make a toy collector blush. The above picture is just a small sample of what Ms. Watabe has provided, and it’s already enough to make obscure references to songs by The Association.

You can visit her website to check out the rest of her MMD work, and feel free to send her a “Thank You” note.

(Author’s Note: “Nanami” is a girl’s name, so I presumed this person is a female. Yes,I am aware of Tissue-hime and the fact that this is the Internet.)

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29 thoughts on “MMD gets update, Gumi gets love”

  1. They updated again to Version 5.14, and Nanami's site has password locked the MMD Model section,
    ID: mmd  PASS: 月で餅ぺったんしてる、かな3文字のどうぶつを半角英数の小文字で入力してください
    I am mildly confused as to what she means here in the password.
    It's good thing that I managed to get all the models she had uploaded before this.
    It was locked thanks to hotlinking because morons at YOUTUBE.COM like to hotlink rather than send people to her main site.

  2. Geh today is the White Bear from RO, in english its Sasquatch, but I dunno what the japanese one is called…

  3. may some one help me with the password plz!!!
    it says せんしようをみかかへんかん but im not sure what to do with it.

  4. google translates it to "Do I look strange senshiyou kaka" can someone tell me a better translation, because I'm not getting it -.-

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