Donate your BLOOD for Hatsune Miku!

Time for donating blood for Miku. XD Actucally, she is not hurt at all. Japanese Red Cross Society has started a new activity named with [AKIBA:F] to demonstrate their new blood donation room in Akiba, the room is near located in JHR station. It will begin from October 1st and lasts for 3 months. As what the topic of it says, the new room will be decorated with a future theme, which is much different from the traditional one. This room will be mixed with 3D videos, figures and models in the room.

The first season of this activity is called as [Hatsune Miku Milaihe], and it has received full cooperation from Crypton Future Media Company. Except for the official website built by Japan Red Cross Society, this event has been reported in many massive media.

However, this activity is focusing on demonstration of blood donation room, so in order to avoid chaos, people should bring their blood donation card before entering it.

And here is the official website 「人の命を未来へつなぐ akiba:f」

Reference: 初音ミクみく

One thought on “Donate your BLOOD for Hatsune Miku!”

  1. I'm usually not this speechless… however the only thing that comes to mind for me is… wow….
    The fact that Crypton is doing sponsorships now means they're doing incredibly well at least.

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