Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #104 – “Is it gone, mommy?”

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Hmm… looks like the “Site Busy!“-errors are gone for now. Better make this article quick before they come back.

Anyways, we are now at the final testing phase of “The MELTDOWN Effect”-theory. So far, we’ve only seen a slight decline of points (which can also be attributed to fan interest) in the previous rankings. This means, because of the overall downward shift of songs, the mainstays get to retain their ranks within the Top-30 despite lower scores.

Y’know, this also leads me to wonder: what are Japanese Vocaloid fans actually saying about iroha(sasaki)‘s decision to delete Roshin Yuukai/MELTDOWN and disqualify it from WVR? The new upload isn’t getting as much hits as its predecessor used to (partly because it wasn’t being “bumped” anymore)… Is it even that controversial to begin with? We may find out soon enough.


History: Red = DK, Green = DT, Blue = JM

WARNING: Giant SP4 crab is approaching fast! Be prepared for the viewing of your life! Remember to attack its weak point for massive damage. No, it’s not too old a reference; this is the Internet.

So that’s that for the final testing phase. World is Mine and BRS are at the brink of getting booted off the Top-30, MELT and Miku Miku ni Shite Ageru actually went up some ranks, and a few songs remain unmoved. What does this say about my theory, then? You guys be the judge! Oops, too late. We’re in recess.

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  1. Ahem, I believe you're missing one thing with the countdown that I believe to beyond impossible…. Unbalanced Communication, also known as Flying Om Nom Nom, fell off the countdown to #35, losing 128,000 points, 89k of those was from losing nearly 4500 mylist entries. Skewed ratings scale much?

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