Weekly Vocaloid Ranking 105 – sort of

artist: Hakuseki (found via e-shuushu)
artist: Hakuseki (found via e-shuushu)

It’s been a bit of a hectic couple of days for the Vocaloidism staff.  We all sorta found VocaRan SP4 at once, and since apparently none of us can translate without babelfish, we don’t have the full story, and that’s sort of put the Weekly Rankings on the back burner, but do not fret (as Miku has seemed to have done above).  V-ism is working diligently to publish complete and well-constructed articles about both the Special and the WVR.  Your patience is appreciated and any help you can offer will be appreciated even more.

Until then, I have a brief statement about Weekly Ranking 105.  Since we’re planning to have a full article, and readers might want to wait until then, I’ll post under the page break, but if you want “spoilers”, click at your own risk.

This week’s #1 song is unique.  Not in that it’s a repeat #1; that’s happened plenty of times.  The score is unique: 145,948.  Since (US) Thanksgiving of 2008, there have been only five #1 songs to score less than 200,000 in a week.  I’ll list them for you in reverse chronological order.

Week 105: “Paradichlorobenzene”, 145,948
Week 99: “Acute”, 130172
Week 68: “Meltdown”, 164,951
Week 62: “Honey”, 177,859
Week 60: “Set Up Hurry” 109,794

Before “Set Up Hurry”, there were plenty of weeks where no one topped 200k (or even 100k).  I’m not sure what this means aside from the typical ebb and flow of scoring.  Points have been trending downward over the past month or so, but  certainly not to this degree.  If it stays that way, it may mean that the Vocaloid fad is fading, but I’ll reserve judgment until later.  Until then, let the theories fly.


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10 thoughts on “Weekly Vocaloid Ranking 105 – sort of”

  1. *shakes head* I've said it before, and I'll say it again. It's because of the skewed ratings scale. Look what happened with Unbalanced Communication, it fell from 3rd to 35th in ONE WEEK! How is that possible? Because the lack of new MyList entries dropped it 89,000 points! That's 3/4ths of its point loss right there. With the massive popularity explosion recently with the nendroid figurines, the Black Rock Shooter anime, Project DIVA, etc, I don't see how anyone can get away with saying the Vocaloid "fad" is ending.

  2. You guys should investigate what happend to “LOL -lots of laugh-” falling from top 30 to 116 place.
    I think its something related to the SP4, maybe the score was resetted or somethin, this will explain this strange vocaranking.

  3. You know, just thinking here, but it could be that they're holding back for the Halloween week to introduce their themed videos, as we know they do tend to make a ton this time of year, so no really uber-good ones have come out to get high ratings.

  4. I'm new at this and I'm new to the site too, but I was wondering, what exactly is it that you need help with? I am in no way an expert on Japanese, but I could still be able to help somehow, if you needed it. But help with what, exactly?

    1. Hi deztora, here's a welcome to the Vocaloidism community first. =) Actually we need someone who knows his/her Japanese fairly well to help us with the interview parts with asaP in the Vocaloid SP4 that came out not long ago. If you (or anyone) could help that would be greatly appreciated. ^_^

      1. Thank you. =)

        Ah, I figured that might be what it was. Well I can try, but to be honest, I got bored less than halfway through the interview (it was just talking about vocaloid and its popularity and whatnot, if I remember correctly– it was kinda boring)… and I'm not that proficient with kanji yet… but it'll be a challenge! I'll do my best. ^_^

        1. Well, if you are able to you may want to apply in the forums and help us out as part of the blog team as well. =) Currently we could also need help with the "In Other Vocaloid News" section of the Weekly Vocaloid Rankings. If that's not too boring for you that is. ^ ^;;

          1. Sure! Actually, I love that section. It's how I learned about Joysound (well, that and in the comments on Paradichlorobenzene showing up in big pink letters "per request the karaoke version is now available on Joysound!" I was like, what?).

            Also, sorry, I didn't mean to imply anything negative by saying it was boring; it was more just, "c'mon, I want the music!" Like, I thought the "adult bokaran" thing was kind of stupid too, but then again I'm not really their target audience for that one, I don't think… ^_^; Though all the comments choosing the loli were funny. (And a Len song was #1 if I recall correctly, haha)

            Anyway, I was actually trying to avoid getting caught up with another site because I have a tendency to get too obsessed with it and ignore everything else. This is especially dangerous because it's Vocaloid-related, which I'm already obsessed with… but since I'm already checking niconico every day for new songs and looking at mylist amounts and upload dates and trying to figure out where new vocaloid songs will rank on the next bokaran, I figure I might as well try and do this much, right? ^_^;;

          2. Yeah, I understand not everything in the Vocaran may be interesting to us fans, especially the "Adult Vocaran" section (I will just scan through it quickly as part of review's sake). ^ ^;;

            Well, that's understandable since it's easy to go crazy over Vocaloid stuff that you like especially as a Vocaloid fan. I tend to do that myself sometimes. xP But if you are interested could you join the forums and post in this thread just to let fellow bloggers on the team know about this as sort of a formality? Thanks. =)

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