VOCALOID Ranking SP4 pt.1 & 2- Almost Live!

Not pictured: the winning Powerball numbers
Lat式 Miku tries to crack the Douganci Code

Apparently, our tinfoil hats have prevented us from seeing that SP4 was up. These are your top songs from Rankings 76-100 (Which means only 6 more months until SP5!)  so sit back and relax as we startup the Wayback Machine.

D’OH~!!! How could’ve I let this slip through me!? I’m terribly sorry folks, we’ll make it up to you guys in the next SP ranking.

One other note, the scoring’s a bit different.  MyList adds only count for 10 points each, and the scores only count the time between SP3 and SP4, k?

(For the full list of songs, go here)

Red=DK’s Comments Green=DT’s comments Blue=JM’s comments

TOP 100 PART 1

  • #100I still adhere to the belief that this is horrible Engrish. And I still ask, “Where?” Okay, maybe just horrible English singing.
  • #99 96,000 view Kiriban jackpot!
  • #98
  • #97 Back-to-back Deco*27 songs there, both of which I like, especially Shinkai Summit.
  • #96
  • #95 Our first returnee appears with 190k. I wish peeps would appreciate kz a bit more… Compare this to SP3 and this song didn’t gain that much points from last time either, about 6k+ only.
  • #94Our first MEIKO song enters the ranking.
  • #93Beautiful animation, and catchy music there.
  • #92
  • #91Smells like Ura-omote!!! Seems like it to me as well.
  • #90 An absolute classic
  • #89Again, kz need more love. Yeah, but at least it’s still in the ranking.
  • #88 Our high school musical-ish (lowercase) number is the first to crack 200k pts
  • #87
  • #86And our first re-voiced parody is our first solo Kaito song, as well
  • #85Mario hammer GET!
  • #84
  • #83
  • #82
  • #81
  • #80I admit to not remembering this song at all, and I apologize.
  • #79 Cute *Agrees*
  • #78
  • #77
  • #76 Feels sorry for Len in that costume, though I want to laugh as well. =P
  • #75Aaaah… one of Luka’s first songs… I feel a nostalgia attack coming in.
  • #74 One of the few songs I don’t mind listening to on loop for hours.
  • #73 “1” is still crack for me.  It’s probably the crayon drawings.
  • #72
  • #71 Our 1st real iconic song appears, 2nd if you count “Nebula.”

Interview w/ asaP

Ugh.  Unfortunately, we’re all horribly horribly illiterate, so shippotan and rankloid’s run-in with the Asahi Shimbun goes unanalyzed. I don’t know about everyone else, but I feel dumb as a brick and apologize.

TOP 100 PART 2

  • #70
  • #69Craaaack
  • #681st for Gumi!
  • #67A “recent” #1 (Week 90)
  • #66Ah, my sweet sweet Cendrillon drug (see what I did thar?). One of the better KAITO and Miku duet songs around.
  • #65This is still 1 of only 2 songs that were #1 for three straight weeks
  • #64 First Gakupo-only entry, which is an awesome song as well.
  • #63Another iconic song, it’s a shame the recent remix was underwhelming. I once commented in YouTube that this was the song that put Rin on the map and MELTDOWN would make her a legend… Then… the whole shenanigans with MELTDOWN just had to happen… ;_;
    An truly classical Rin song that put many to tears initially, including me. ;_;
  • #62
  • #61 This is how a remix should sound. Loved this version actually. <3
  • #60
  • #59
  • #58 Do not want Do not want too
  • #57 Good to know that one of the lesser-known “early adopter” songs still goes on strong. OF COURSE!!! Well, it may be less noticed but it’s definitely not forgotten.
  • #56
  • #55 Kaito totally sounds like Bono in this.
  • #54
  • #53 Saihate is one of those songs that shouldn’t go away… Classic is classic, what more is there to say?
  • #52As much as KAITO and Gakupo disturb me in this one… without this song (and prolly the others before it), Double Lariat wouldn’t have made it so far in the weekly rankings.
  • #51…And this is one of the songs that should. Blasphemy! Ievan Polka iz cult clazik! Don’t make me come over there. Well, it’s one of the first few songs that made Miku famous in the first place.
  • #50 300k get! Beautiful song, have been listening to the -reprise- (09′) version actually.
  • #49Out of all the Rin rock songs around, this one takes the cake in my opinion.
  • #48Kaito’s a cappella version is so much more epic.
  • #47 Even Haku gets a spot on the Top 100! =D And as a third iteration of OWATA~!!! \(^_^)/ to boot.
  • #46I still find this song and video a little creepy.  One Room Disco=strip club? A disco for ronery guys.
  • #45
  • #44
  • #43
  • #42
  • #41

Kiriban Channel

  • #200A 40mP song with only 110k?  A little surprising. Meh, I don’t even know half of the songs in here…
  • #300
  • #400This song is totally worth it just to look at the Meiko figure Oh, I don’t mind listening to it a second time for that.
  • #500
  • #600 Ow, my ears
  • #700
  • #777 There are worse songs to have hit the jackpot, for sure. Ohhh…kkkaaay.
  • #800
  • #900 The calligpahy text and cursor is a little disjointed
  • #1000 As John Denver spins in his grave…
  • #1500 Aww, that’s adorable The cuteness of Takoluka…
  • #2000
  • #2500
  • #2525 In the song 2525, sakuramatsuri is still alive
  • #3000 Nice drawings
  • #3500 Mmmm, ham.

Well, that concludes a good chunk of VocaRan.  Next time, we’ll continue on.  Don’t forget, if you want spoilers, go here for the full list of 3,504 songs.

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