Vocaloid Ranking SP4 – Part 2, or is it 3?

Image source: ふな
Image source: ふな

Greetings, true believers!  In our last episode, we ran through not one, but TWO episodes of the 4th Ranking Special.  We covered over 6 dozen songs and a big interview with asaP (with special guest shippotan).  Today, we start breaking down the Top 40.

A friendly reminder: these scores are determined from their performances from weeks 76-100 only, and MyLists count for half of what they normally do.  Now that we’ve covered that, on we go!

For a full list of songs, go here.


TOP 100 PART 3

  • 40-
  • 39-
  • 38- So maybe everyone loves Gumi after all… One of the initial Gumi songs I came to enjoy listening to.
  • 37-
  • 36-
  • 35- I forgot about this song.  I wish I could continue to do so.
  • 34-
  • 33-
  • 32- There’s still something…off with the vocals.
  • 31-
  • 30- 400k points get!
  • 29- Here’s the first of the ringers by ryo and/or supercell
  • 28- Beautiful music and lyrics, loved this Gumi song. =3
  • 27- 6 days. LOL hit #27 in six days.
  • 26-
  • 25- Despite this song being out of the Top 30s most of the times in the recent weekly rankings, it still stays strong.
  • 24- Support your J-Rock! Definitely!
  • 23- The highest scoring #2 song of all  time.
  • 22-
  • 21- We haven’t seen Urotandar in the Weekly Top 30 since January 19! (30th in Week 68).  It should be at 3 Million views soon if not already. At last check it has just hit 2.95 million. Go Urotandar!
  • 20-
  • 19- Half-Mil get! Well, this version of Meltdown lives on, at least in this ranking.
  • 18- Digression: I remember when I started following VocaRan (almost a year ago), this song always was around #30.  Ah, memories. It was this song that got me to know about the Aku No series when I started out.
  • 17- Craaaaaaaaaaaack! =3 Oh, this one is good… <3
  • 16- Is it me or am I the only one who feels emotional when listening to this song?
  • 15-
  • 14- Wouldn’t it have been hilarious if Len’s version charted higher than Rin’s version? Back-to-back Migikata no Chou there, though I still like Rin’s version more.
  • 13- I still think this is a decent song, motives nonwithstanding.
  • 12- Another one-week wonder
  • 11- 3/4 Mil get!  Such an upbeat song, too, yet underrated in my opinion.

You know what?  I’m going to cut it off here.  Next time, it’s the Top 10 and, if past trends hold true, the best Vocaloid songs to ever be pixelated.  Fun will be had by all, I’m sure.  Excelsior!

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