Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #106 – “Wait, what?”

Image source: den
Image source: den

WHAT THE-!? Why is this thing up so early this week? Last week it was so late, I actually missed reviewing it! Not to mention how SP4 got past the radar… IS THE RANKINGS TRYING TO SKREW ME UP!?

Then again, I’m actually running out of things to say to start out these weekly ranking reviews due to my recent inattentiveness to NND. I’ve actually been checking new Vocaloid songs less and less these days. Hmm, maybe I don’t enjoy Vocaloid songs as much as I did way back when… My current favorite is URA-OMOTE Lovers… and it’s not even the Hatsune Miku version!

Anyhow, let’s just get to the charts before I ramble on any further.


History: Red = DK, Green = DT, Blue = JM

  • #30: 【初音ミク】celluloid【リミックス】 (NEW) – Wait, what? “Celluloid?” Wasn’t this a Miku song from WAY, WAY back!? Why is it considered new!? For one thing, have you entertained the idea that it may a different song with the same title? Uuuuuuuuh… no? o_o
  • #28: 鏡音リンオリジナル曲 「右肩の蝶」 (Up from 29) – Yeah, this Rin song made it back up the Top-30 since last week… I wonder why, though… *coughSP4cough* Most likely so, maybe it’s because SP4 reminds the Nico viewers about the songs that they haven’t been watching lately.

In other news… I’m kinda thinking that we need translators for the “In other Vocaloid news” portion of the WVR. There’s been a lot of untranslated news stuff in the past that I really wanted to know about (like MikuFES ’09), but wasn’t able to until it was too late. So in short: V-ism wants YOU in the blog team! Please apply in the forums for more details.

Aaaaand that be for this week, y’all!

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7 thoughts on “Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #106 – “Wait, what?””

  1. Sennen!

    But seriously, I never liekd OSTER's tuning, even for Miku >_> (Rin and Len is fine, Meiko was…)

  2. Maybe it’s because newer vocaloid songs just don’t have that feel the old classics did? (like meruto, koi wa sensou, etc.) Granted, there are some really good new songs, but many of them lack that spark.

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