Sonika jealous of Chibi-Miku, gets own comic

An excerpt of comic #2 (JP)
An excerpt of comic #2 (JP version)

If you believe that the Vocaloid characters all act as a family unit, then Sonika must be the red green-headed middle stepchild of the group.  She’s always trying to make herself noticed, whether it’s through her music or her Twitter feed, and now she has an incredibly self-aware comic with help from web artist and Left 4 Dead fan Ash Georgick. It’s absolutely adorable, but it doesn’t do much to put the lady in a more positive light.  Vanity, thy name is Sonika? ^^;

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18 thoughts on “Sonika jealous of Chibi-Miku, gets own comic”

      1. You guys aren't familiar with ironic statements, are you?

        But I kinda forgot who she is before I posted the comment though.

    1. It's best to learn info about her on Engloids. Vocaloidism doesn't do a lot of research when it comes to the English Vocaloids.

  1. Hahaha dude you guys got linked on their website! I mean, not like a direct link, but like those ones in the comments that say […] blah blah link blah […]. Either way thanks for the heads-up. 😀

    1. That's something that happens automatically when blogs link to other blogs. I forget what it's called, like trackback or something.

  2. Who’s Sonika? Doesn’t anybody remember her duet with GUMI?! Euglena made it on the VocaRan top 30…once, but it made it! Was it a pickup before that? Anyways, I guess I can’t say much because I already knew about Sonika before that song, but still…

  3. saw this article linked from VO but i gotta comment that sonika's comics have been out almost right after she was released.

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