Vocaloid Ranking SP4 – It’s the Final Countdown

Yes, Miku and Luka dominated the Top 10 this time round... (Image source: ヒジキ)
"Yes, Miku and Luka dominated the Top 10 this time round..." (Image source: ヒジキ)

Duhnuh nuhhhh nuhhhhhh. Duhnuh nuh nuh nuhhhhhhhh….oh hello. We took a deliberate pause >_> to talk about the recent Vocaran but now it’s time to get back to business. It’s time for the virtual rubber to hit the information superhighway. It’s the Vocaloid Ranking Special Top 10. Over the past 25 weeks (76-100), these are the best of the best, cream of the crop, bot magnets above all bot magnets (did I say that out loud). If you’ve seen our last two SP articles, you know how we do, so let’s get cracking.

For the full list of songs, go here.

#10-初音ミクオリジナル曲 「初音ミクの消失(LONG VERSION)」

JM: There have been some wonderful videos for this song, and honestly, it’s slowly starting to overtake Kokoro for the song that’s most…how can I phrase this…emotionally stirring.
DT: Indeed, I quite like some of the newer PVs for the song actually. Knowing that Miku may not be able to complete singing her farewell song and chooses instead for a fast one, it’s just sad.
DK: All I remember about this song is that it’s a b**** to finish in Project DIVA. All the days I missed playing on the PSP because of sore fingers were BECAUSE of this.


JM: Our first Ranking Millionaire this “season”. The anime seems a little convoluted in premise, but I hope it turns out well. Although, there have been plenty of bad shows that have had great music (I’m looking at you, Inuyasha).
DT: After getting the DVD set of the Pilot Edition and watching the 90 second preview of the anime, I can only say that I am looking forward to more of the anime.
DK: I’m just glad we’re finally able to watch what Chibi-Miku’s been staying up late for all this time. Though it got me thinking why a child is watching such an action (possibly violent)-packed anime in the first place…

#8-初音ミク が オリジナル曲を歌ってくれたよ「ワールドイズマイン」

JM: One of the big problems I have with a lot of Miku songs is that I feel many of them would be even better if someone else was singing. WIM is a good example, and “Melt” (which should be coming up) is another one. I’m not calling out ryo, I’m just using his stuff as examples.

#7-【巡音ルカ】Just Be Friends【オリジナルPV】

JM: Our first single-season song to get 1 Million, and it deserves every damn point. This song subverts a lot of the Vocaloid song tropes out there, and Dixie Flatline/Yeheuyan know exactly how to do so. We still have a ways to go, but this could very well be my top song of 2009.
DT: I like the way how the sadness in the lyrics sharply contrasts with the upbeat sounding music of the song, somehow it just makes people feel more sad listening to the song.
DK: “Sayonara, aishi no hito… koko made da” “Goodbye, my beloved… this is the end” Such strong words for a Vocaloid song.


JM: I still can’t help but think this is going to get a big jolt in a couple weeks for Halloween. If you want J-Horror, “Mukuru” covers all the bases with flair.


JM: For how old this FMV is, it holds up surprisingly well. If you didn’t expect this near the top, you either haven’t been paying attention or you’re new. It doesn’t have 6.8 MILLION views and nearly 10 million career points without good reason.
DT: Well, it isn’t one of the iconic Miku songs for nothing. Practically all Vocaloid fans would have heard of this one before.

#4-初音ミク が オリジナル曲を歌ってくれたよ「メルト」

JM: Melt finishes just out of the money. For all the variants and stuff, I still haven’t found a version better that this one. (Yes, I know about Tissue-Hime, thanks for asking.)

DIGRESSION-Otona no VocaRan

I have to admit, this is my favorite segment, not because of the music, or that it’s all teh pr0nz or any of that. It’s the execution. “Otona no” is so hilariously executed and it’s such a wonderful digression during all this serious business Ranking countdowns that I eagerly look forward to seeing how it goes down.

  • 10-Is that a hint of enka?
  • 9-Love that bass
  • 8-Swingin’!
  • 7-Lots of variety in the pr0n s0ng business, ne?
  • 6-This should definitely be played at the next con rave.
  • 5-
  • 4-When did Meiko get in here? Hardly ever noticed this one before…
  • 3-Oh dear =3 Well, I wouldn’t be surprised to see this song in the Top 3 of this section.
  • 2-There seems to be a lot of coordination here. Another Kaito one, maybe it’s not enough?
  • 1-For everyone that was concerned about “Roshin Yuukai” leaving the countdown, never fear. Your last 4 songs were sexy sexy Meltdowns. And nothing beats Len’s version of it of course.

Okay, digression over. =3


JM: For all the flak I give “magnet” for the hilariously awkward lipstick-lesbian cover art, it’s actually not a bad song. I’d call it overrated, yes, especially with JBF and Mukuru lagging behind, but don’t let DK and my heckling discourage you from enjoying this modern pop song.
DT: A bit taken aback by the image initially, but this song is good~ And seeing that there’s quite a number of such cosplays around shows the song’s popularity.
DK: Since when did I heckle magnet…!? I LOVE this song! The “fish lips” was mostly JM’s idea. Anyways, if Project DIVA Arcade ever decides to add duet songs, THIS would be a definite candidate.


JM: Double Lariat’s sort of the odd one out here in the Top 3, but it’s a very good rock song. It’s still the only song to hit 700k in two different weeks, and is easily the most iconic of the Luka songs to-date.
DT: I like the meaning behind this song, spurring one on despite setbacks, it’s a very nice song indeed.
DK: I still think it’s just Luka doing Ze Gief‘s Spinning Double Lariat. Keep on spinning, Luka, FOR MOTHER RUSSIA!!! I predict Luka’s next top hit would be aptly-named, “FINAL ATOMIC BUSTER!”

#1-「ロミオとシンデレラ」 オリジナル曲 vo.初音ミク

JM: Not what I’d consider the best song of the Top 5, being generic anime pop rock, but let’s be honest; it lapped the field. 2 Million points, nearly 25% more than Double Lariat, makes it the clear victor for this half-year.
DT: Simply put, well done Romeo and Cinderella, and doriko as well.
DK: I really dunno where this song came from. It just popped outta nowhere in the WVR and somehow stayed for as long as there are “forbidden relationships” out there… Hmm, I guess the people are really feeling guilty about it.

Well, that wraps things up for…….wait wait wait. Is that “Kagura” in the Otona 14 spot?! I watched the MMD Cup preview for that! UNSEE! MUST UNSEE! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! *crash*

Uhhhh, let’s try that again. That wraps things up for another successful Vocaloid Ranking Special. My math says we’ll see you in Spring 2010 (Autumn for you Southern Hemispheres) for SP5. Until then, don’t forget to check out the rest of the Vocaloidism Network…oh, what’s that? We forgot something? Oh yeah.

#3,504-「朝の時間 feat.鏡音リン」(デモ版)【オリジナル】

JM: -112? Really? At least it’s not -611 that bottomed out last special’s list.

NOW we’re done. If you want the full list, go here. See you at the next time.

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