Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #107 – “Checkin’ in early” (Updated)

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Shhhh… be vewy vewy qwiet… I’m hunting Vocawoids…

The nostalgia barrage continues on as more songs from way back (figuratively and literally) return to the Top-30. But V-ism marches on to give our fellow Vocafans the latest review of WVR!

(yeah, I ran out of things to say… sorry ’bout that.)

Update: Included information from the “In Other Vocaloid News” section of the WVR. Translation thanks to deztora.


History: Red = DK, Green = DT, Blue = JM

In other Vocaloid news:
“The ika-san of Miku Miku ni Shite Ageru fame has returned! MOSAIC.WAV and 鶴田加茂 featuring Hatsune Miku: Heartsnative, to be release on 10/21!

This is the start of a CD release rush in November! But, my poor wallet…”

For those of you interested to get the above CD or know more about the song content in the album, here’s the link on Amazon Japan (ships internationally).

In other news… well…

(looks around)

We’re still short on staff to translate/interpret the “other Vocaloid news” section of WVR. Please inquire within to be a part of the V-ism blog team! Well, I am still enquiring with a Vocaloid fan who may be interested to help out. Still needs confirmation though. Okay, we now have a new translation staff here on the Vocalodism blog, if you were to notice the “In Other Vocaloid news” section is now up. =)

And that’s it for this week!

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15 thoughts on “Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #107 – “Checkin’ in early” (Updated)”

    1. Tsh, using translators?! Believe me, when you REALLY know a foreign language, you see just how bad machine translation is.

  1. Paradichlorobenzene’s poisonous if swallowed, and apparently hazardous to the enviorment. If that helps any. Glad to see it still in the ranks, not quite ready to see it fade away yet.

  2. Is my translation all right? If anyone has a better way to word it or if I somehow missed something important in the translation, please let me know. I'm still learning, after all. ^_^

    I was really shocked when 1925 got #1 last week, so I'm actually really happy Mrs. Pumpkin's Comical Dream got it this week. I already loved that song, so I'm satisfied. =D

    1. It's okay. Both Kevin (the site owner) and I are fine with your translation. =D By the way can you please register on the blog so that Kevin can give you a proper position on the blog team, or just refer to my PM in the forums. Thanks. ^_^

      1. Uh, wait, I think I'm signed up for the blog, but do I register for "intensedebate" too? Because it's still saying I'm a guest…

          1. Oh, okay then! I-I'll do my best! Thank you very much for this opportunity! (I want to use a "bowing" emoticon, but all I can think of is orz… that's not right…)

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