Previews – Megurine Luka Nendoroid + New Character Charm Collection (Updated 2)

Nendoroid Megurine Luka together with Nendoroid Puchi Tako Luka

Just yesterday Mikatan updated her blog with preview images of Megurine Luka Nendoroid by Good Smile Company, which will be up for reservations today in Japan.

For more preview images as well as information about the new Character Charm Collection by Good Smile Company, just continue reading after the break~

Update: Included pre-order link for Nendoroid Megurine Luka.
Update 2: Included pre-order links for Vocaloid Character Charm Collection.

And here are more preview images of the Megurine Luka Nendoroid and Nendoroid Puchi Tako Luka.

And just in case you find the Luka in the image above familiar, that’s because it’s taken from the original Luka song “Double Lariat” by AgoanikiP.

And you can use that expression for Rin, Len and Miku as well to display their expression from the song “HAKOBAKO PLAYER”, also by AgoanikiP.

Reservations for this will start today in Japan and you will also get Nendoroid Puchi Tako Luka as well when you order the Megurine Luka Nendoroid. =D Reservations are now open on Hobby Search and you can pre-order it here.

Also, Mikatan has updated her blog earlier on Monday with preview images of the upcoming “Character Charm Collection” by Good Smile Company, which will feature Pirori Miku, Pirorin and Toeto.

And here are some uses for the character charms as shown below.

Pre-orders for this Character Charm Collection will start today as well and this post will be updated when the reservation links on Hobby Search or Hobby Link Japan are up. That’s all for now. Reservation links are now up and you can get them on Hobby Search: Pirori Miku, Pirorin and Toeto.

Info and image source: Mikatan 1 and Mikatan 2

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