CloseBox: I can listen to Crypton’s new male Vocaloid

The boys of Chibi Miku-san
The boys of Chibi Miku-san

Thanks to Miyuki for giving us a heads-up to this.  Tech/Music blog Close Box and OpenPod got a leak on what is going to be a new male Vocaloid.  From my translation:

  • The voice actor is young and well-known.
  • He DTM’s
  • He volunteered himself for the job.
  • He’s also a client.

Obviously, we’ll be anxiously awaiting any news from Crypton concerning this.

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15 thoughts on “CloseBox: I can listen to Crypton’s new male Vocaloid”

  1. Has Halyosy done any voice acting recently? If so please name it for me. If I were to consider one person from my collection would probably be Kenichi Suzumura, however he might be outside the "young" label. It depends on how old they consider young for a seijyu.

  2. You might want to explain that a DTM user is a person who makes music on a computer/desktop (pretty much what most VOCALOID producers do anyways). The article also says that he owns Miku, so it's possible that he could be an existing P.

  3. Well all I can say is it's about time. =D

    I first thought Halyosy too, by the way, but sadly, he's not a seiyuu…

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